HydroFlo unit files patent for bacteria removal media

April 7, 2005
Metals & Arsenic Removal Technology patent application to include technology for bacterial and viral control in drinking water...

RALEIGH, NC, April 5, 2005 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Metals & Arsenic Removal Technology Inc. (MARTI), a HydroFlo Inc. portfolio company, today announced the filing of a U.S. patent for bacterial and viral control of liquid substances for a variation of the ARTI-64TM technology. The patent contains rights to providing this specific media for reducing both bacterial and viral contaminants from liquids including drinking water.

As noted in recent HydroFlo press, ARTI-64 was originally introduced by MARTI for its removal of arsenic and metals in drinking water. Recent independent laboratory results have confirmed the new media is capable of much more. It can control bacterial contaminants in drinking water, making the combined process more effective than originally patented. This discovery has prompted MARTI management to file a second patent for the technology.

George Moore, Chief Operating Officer of MARTI, stated, "Water contaminated with bacteria, viruses and poisonous toxins is killing people every day. This media combination is one of the most effective methods to eliminate and reduce these pollutants in order to provide clean potable water to the world."

In the past, bacteria like E. coli, coliform, Staphylococcus A., and various viruses have been removed from liquids with oxidation methods such as chlorine and ozone, or systems utilizing ultraviolet light or micro-filtration. In fact, each of these methods requires skilled personnel for operation and maintenance on an ongoing basis, rendering them unsuitable for residential use or use in third-world areas. The new method is a revolutionary technique for bacterial removal and is comprised of filtering contaminated waters through a layer of particles.

Dennis L. Mast, CEO of HydroFlo, explained, "MARTI's water purification devices provide water purification technology that everyone can utilize -- from people unable to connect to electricity to those with the most advanced water treatment systems in the world. We are extremely excited to file this patent to ensure the latest bacterial removal functions are promoted and protected."

HydroFlo Inc. (www.hydroflo.us) is a business development company, as defined by the Investment Act of 1940. Based in Raleigh, N.C., its core focus is to seek out synergistic acquisitions that will provide capital appreciation and income from its portfolio companies. Its portfolio investment companies include: HydroFlo Water Treatment Inc. (www.hydroflo-inc.com), Metals & Arsenic Removal Technology Inc. (www.martiinc.com), and Safety Scan Technology Inc. (www.safety-scan.com).


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