GE Infrastructure celebrates World Water Day with commitment to world's natural resources

April 2, 2005
Recent acquisition of Ionics, to be part of its Water & Process Technologies unit, broadens global desalination capabilities...

WILTON, CT, March 22, 2005 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- GE Infrastructure, a unit of General Electric Company, celebrates World Water Day (WWD) with a continued commitment to innovation and investment in the world's natural resources. GE has invested millions of dollars in water purification research and development over the last year.

World Water Day, established by the United Nations, is an annual effort to promote access to safe drinking water and sanitation.

"The availability of clean water is a growing challenge for industry and communities around the world--nearly half of the world's population will be water-stressed by 2015. GE's continued investment in technology is helping to alleviate this epidemic by providing greater access to purified water and wastewater treatment," said George Oliver, President, GE Infrastructure, Water & Process Technologies.

The GE unit first established its commitment to the water industry in 2002, with the acquisitions of Betz Dearborn, Osmonics and Glegg Water Conditioning. GE's water platform has continued to grow over the last five years to become one of the world's largest manufacturers of high technology water purification, filtration and handling systems. Most recently, GE acquired Ionics, significantly expanding the business' desalination and emergency mobile water services.

"In 2005, we will focus on integrating Ionics into our existing platforms and investing in strengthening and broadening our desalination capabilities around the world. The combined strength of our people, technology and solutions, will make GE the leader in desalination," said Oliver.

GE Infrastructure Water & Process Technologies is dedicated to helping communities worldwide to attain increased accessibility to clean and safe drinking water. Most recently, the Company provided potable water to more than 220,000 Tsunami victims through the donation of two, 52- foot mobile water treatment units and the resources of more than 50 GE engineers, scientists and project managers.

GE Infrastructure (, based in Wilton, Conn., is a high-technology platform, comprised of some of GE's fastest-growing businesses, including the Water & Process Technologies ( and Security platforms. These global businesses offer a set of infrastructure protection and productivity solutions to some of the most pressing issues that industries face.

On World Water Day GE Infrastructure, Water & Process Technologies will make available two of its experts to discuss the global water challenge and how emerging technologies can help provide a solution.


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