ThermoEnergy earns patent for wastewater bio-fuel process technology

ThermoEnergy Corp. announced that a patent for issued for its ThermoFuel Process, a renewable energy technology for industrial and municipal wastewater treatment facilities that converts sewage sludge into a bio-fuel, giving plants the benefits of both environmental and economic savings...

LITTLE ROCK, AR, April 20, 2005 -- ThermoEnergy Corp., an integrated technologies company that provides cost-effective and environmentally-responsible solutions for problems associated with industrial and municipal wastewater treatment and air emissions from power plants, today announced that it has received notice from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office that a patent for its ThermoFuel Process has been issued.

ThermoFuel is a renewable energy technology that converts sewage sludge into a bio-fuel with an energy value similar to that of coal. This bio-fuel can be used to generate power on-site or as a blending agent for utility power plants, municipal solid waste incinerators or cement kilns.

"The ThermoFuel process offers tremendous environmental benefits, as well as economic savings, to wastewater treatment plants looking to upgrade to Class A Exceptional Quality biosolids," said Dennis Cossey, CEO of ThermoEnergy. "A typical plant utilizing our process to upgrade their facilities can reduce truck traffic to and from the plant by 50% and tipping costs by up to 90%."

ThermoFuel uses either primary or waste activated sewage sludge as a feedstock resource. By integrating it with a plant's existing conventional temperature phased anaerobic digestion, it allows the plant to significantly expand its original throughput or lower the cost of new plant construction. Heat integration lowers the overall operating costs of wastewater treatment plants while improving overall water quality and removing ammonia, which is a leading cause of damage to marine ecosystems such as the Long Island Sound or Chesapeake Bay.

The fuel source created by ThermoFuel is a sterile, stable product that meets the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Class A Exceptional Quality biosolids requirements, as well as Kyoto Treaty requirements. ThermoFuel allows wastewater treatment plant operators to meet all water quality standards and improve process efficiency at a lower cost without increasing the size of the plant.

Founded in 1988, ThermoEnergy ( is an integrated technologies company that provides cost-effective and environmentally-responsible solutions for clean air and water process systems. Its core business is the design, fabrication and operation of patented and/or proprietary municipal and industrial wastewater treatment and power generation technologies, including ThermoFuel, Ammonia Recovery Process (ARP) and ThermoEnergy Integrated Power System (TIPS).


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