WWSI prepares to deliver Clean Water Machines to Ecuador

April 19, 2005
BUGS and C. Trade Group joint venture plan mid-2005 deployment...

CARLSBAD, CA, April 19, 2005 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Robert Brehm, CEO of U.S. Microbics Inc., announced that Worldwide Water Systems Inc. (WWSI), its joint venture with C. Trade Group, is preparing to take delivery of its initial order of four water machines from WaterChef Inc.

WWSI plans to deploy two or more of these systems to provide pure drinking water to residents in Ecuador with the help of a U.S. based foundation engaged in gold mining operations in the country. The foundation's reputation, experience and local knowledge will help WWSI to successfully deploy the water machines in Ecuador. The other 2 remaining units will be deployed in a region of the world which is in dire need of safe potable water.

U.S. Microbics CEO Robert Brehm stated, "It is the synergy between our companies joint ventures which will make U.S. Microbics a key player in this sphere. It takes time to make such synergies work as a cohesive and efficient unit. I believe that we now have the right technical formula and most importantly, the best team players to ensure success in the deployment and operation of our mutual projects."

WWSI will be using the PureSafe Water Station technology supplied by WaterChef Inc. as well as the engineering services of Sub-Surface Waste Management of Delaware Inc. to deploy the water machines on a lease-buy basis with the foundation which will also help the economy by employing the local labor force.

Nick Kontonicolas, President of WWSI, stated: "We are very excited about our new contract in Ecuador and look forward to providing pure and safe water for the country's residents. We believe our teamwork approach to solving the drinking water problems is affordable by many third world countries and will help provide employment and economic incentive. I see Ecuador as our primary base of water purification for the South American continent. The experience that we expect to gain in Ecuador will be used as the basis and model for the deployment of our future water purification projects in South and Central America. We are in negotiations with two other countries in the region for similar projects. It is C.Trade Group's vast network and reputation which will allow these projects to be deployed efficiently and very quickly. Brehm and myself will finally begin to see the results of the mutual cooperation of our respective companies."

Moische Majorevic, CFO of C. Trade Group, stated, "We are very excited to see our association with U.S. Microbics beginning to show positive results in bringing together synergies and also look forward to the anticipated near term revenues and earnings."

WWSI deploys water machines that destroy living pathogens and handle a broad range of organic and inorganic water contaminants, to provide low cost drinking water in third world countries. The synergies of both companies will be used to further enhance all the companies under the U.S. Microbics and C. Trade Group umbrella.

U.S. Microbics (www.bugsatwork.com) is a business development and holding company that acquires, develops and deploys innovative environmental technologies for soil, groundwater and carbon remediation, air pollution reduction, and agriculture growth enhancement.

C. TradeUSA Inc., an international project development firm, and its president, Nick Kontonicolas, have over 18 years experience in international corporate development and investing. The C. Trade Group of companies has extensive holdings in the United States, China, Latin America, Greece and Bangladesh. Its portfolio of companies specializes in biotechnology, water remediation and automotive consultation services.


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