Citect awarded Greater Cincinnati Water Works project

April 15, 2005
It and partner, Edison Automation, win contract exceeding $1 million to upgrade Cincinnati water treatment plants. It's one of numerous water/wastewater treatment facilities in North America recently choosing to standardize on CitectSCADA...

ALPHARETTA, GA, April 12, 2005 (PRNewswire) -- Citect, a global provider of production process improvement solutions, and its Platinum Integration Partner, Edison Automation, have been awarded a contract exceeding $1 million with the Greater Cincinnati Water Works (GCWW) to upgrade its water treatment plants. GCWW is one of numerous water/wastewater treatment facilities North America recently choosing to standardize on CitectSCADA.

The GCWW Selection Committee picked Citect over several competitors citing that its CitectSCADA V6 product offers the most cost-effective solution that best matches the project requirements.

"We believe Citect offers the best approach for GCWW now, and for many years into the future," explained Jay Kramer, I. T. Assistant Manager, GCWW.

The project involves a top-end SCADA software replacement of a proprietary, non-supported system. Citect and Edison Automation will deliver software and services to upgrade all GCWW's water treatment plants and pumping facilities communicating across Bristol Babcock in-plant and remote RTUs.

The CitectSCADA system is easily scalable to meet GCWW future needs without requiring major system changes and utilizes many new version 6.0 features, including the Process Analyst and Web Client. The Process Analyst is a unique SCADA visualization tool that combines trends and alarms in an integrated, intuitive display available to every level of the enterprise.

"Our new CitectSCADA V6 product and extensive experience in the water and wastewater industry offer our customers greater value to meet both their immediate and long-term needs," said Darren Trumeter, president of Citect-Americas.

Citect ( is a worldwide leader in industrial automation and manufacturing execution systems (MES) and is the largest independent vendor in its field. Its CitectHMI/SCADA, Citect Plant2Business and suite of CitectIIM analysis modules are complemented by professional services, customer support and training. These solutions are enhanced by strong partner programs and are sold in numerous industries, including mining, metals, food and beverage, facilities monitoring, gas pipelines, pharmaceuticals and power distribution. Citect is headquartered in Sydney Australia, has 15 offices in Australia, the United States, Europe, China and Africa, and its products are distributed in more than 50 countries worldwide.


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