CH2M Hill recognized for providing safe drinking water to Indonesia

April 14, 2005
Thousands of tsunami survivors in Banda Aceh -- Indonesia's hardest hit region -- have safe drinking water again thanks to a new treatment facility quickly put into operation by CH2M Hill, a Denver-based engineering and construction services company...

DENVER, April 14, 2005 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Thousands of tsunami survivors in Indonesia's hardest hit region have safe drinking water again thanks to a new treatment facility quickly put into operation by CH2M Hill, a Denver-based engineering and construction services company.

The new treatment unit in Banda Aceh has the capacity to treat about 1.5 million liters per day (lpd), or 394,000 gallons per day (gpd), enough to provide safe drinking water to a large portion of Banda Aceh's population. Currently, the system produces an average of 400,000 lpd (105,000 gpd) of water, which is distributed by truck to thousands of people, many of whom are living in refugee camps set up by the United Nations. This water facility also supplies clean water to 200 children at a nearby orphanage.

"I am extremely proud of the CH2M Hill community for stepping up and doing everything it can to support the recovery and reconstruction of the nations and their people impacted by the disastrous tsunami," stated company president and CEO Ralph Peterson. "This commitment and level of support is indicative of our people and culture at CH2M Hill."

Following the devastating impact of the Indian Ocean tsunami, the international relief community has stated that the most pressing current need is safe drinking water. To meet this essential necessity, the Colorado company is coordinating all efforts in a culturally sensitive manner with the Indonesian authorities to ensure that the local community and refugee needs are met. The impact of the tsunami is difficult to fathom. More than 300,000 people were killed and millions more were injured and stripped of life's basic necessities, clean water, shelter, food and clothing.

"CH2M Hill has done an outstanding job with this critically important project and contributions to saving lives in Aceh are most appreciated," stated William Frej, USAID mission director.

CH2M Hill began operating the Banda Aceh water treatment unit on Feb. 3. The water treatment unit in Banda Aceh draws water from the Krueng Aceh River and is passed through a series of multimedia filters, treated with chemicals and then finally passed through a series of membranes to remove harmful contaminates. The quality of the treated water is equivalent to bottled water and exceeds U.S. EPA and World Health Organization's (WHO) standards.

"CH2M Hill has committed to operate the plant and provide especially valuable training to water to PDAM staff. This will create a lasting legacy and allow us to more rapidly recover from the disaster...the people of the Republic of Indonesia wish to again express its gratitude to this team and hope that their dedication serves as an example to all," said Alwi Shihab, coordinating minister of people's welfare for the Republic of Indonesia.

The engineering consultant has played a critical role in providing an essential short-term solution to the residents of Banda Aceh. It recognizes, however, that meeting the community's needs in the long term will require building new permanent water treatment facilities and a delivery infrastructure. The company is committed to working with international relief organizations such as USAID and the World Bank to create a long-term sustainable infrastructure for the community of Banda Aceh.

"Clean water is being delivered directly to people who need it," said CH2M Hill Project Manager Rob Hellman. "It feels wonderful to help those in real need. The Red Cross, United Nations Development Program and leaders of the Acehnese people have acknowledged our firm's timely contribution of water treatment expertise."

Founded nearly 60 years ago, CH2M Hill is a global, full-service project delivery firm with nearly US$3 billion in annual revenue. Its more than 14,000 professionals serve client needs for program management, master planning, engineering, consulting, development, design, construction, remediation, operations, maintenance, security and finance. The company's portfolio gives it a broad range of experience providing professional reconstruction, international relief and redevelopment services. This includes partnerships with host country governments, sustainable solutions, capacity development in the public and private sectors, and community involvement.


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