Severn Trent Services wins polymer feed system contract

Severn Trent Services awarded contract to treat water in two suburban Philadelphia counties. System will be used at Forest Park Water Treatment Plant in Chalfont, Pa., co-owned by North Wales Water Authority and North Penn Water Authority...

FORT WASHINGTON, PA, May 3, 2005 -- Severn Trent Services has been awarded a contract for a Semblex® polymer feed system by the North Wales Water Authority and the North Penn Water Authority in suburban Philadelphia. The system will be installed at the companies' Forest Park Water Treatment Plant in Chalfont, Pa., and is designed to feed coagulants/flocculants used in the first stage of suspended solids removal. The system is being installed by Alan A. Meyers Construction.

Polymers are used in water and wastewater treatment plants to attract and adsorb suspended solid particles, making the solids easier to remove. The Semblex polymer feed system features a non-mechanical wetting system without moving parts. This enables the system to provide greater reliability and lower operating costs while helping to deliver a clean, safe water supply of consistent quality for customers.

The Forest Park Water Treatment Plant is a state-of-the-art facility that treats and pumps water from Lake Galena and the North Branch Neshaminy Creek. This surface water supply is supplemented with water that is pumped from the Delaware River about 6 months per year. In addition to coagulation/flocculation, the plant's treatment process also consists of sedimentation, filtration and pre- and post-ozone disinfection. Water from the plant serves residents and businesses in several communities in Bucks and Montgomery counties.

Severn Trent Services (, based in Fort Washington, Pa., is a leading supplier of water and wastewater treatment solutions. The company's broad range of products and services is concentrated around disinfection, instrumentation, and filtration technologies, pipeline analysis, rehabilitation and repair services, contract operating services and state-of-the-art residential metering products and services. Its international management services business provides support in all aspects of water and wastewater utility development and transformation. Severn Trent Services is a member of the Severn Trent Plc group of companies.


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