Carollo Engineers awarded two significant arsenic removal projects

Carollo Engineers has been selected by the Awwa Research Foundation (AwwaRF) to implement two significant arsenic removal research projects.

Carollo Engineers has been selected by the Awwa Research Foundation (AwwaRF) to implement two significant arsenic removal research projects. The first of these projects, Unintentional pH Variation During Arsenic Removal, will focus on methods to mitigate negative impacts encountered during arsenic removal treatment and determining the implications of unintentional pH variations on treatment efficiency. The project will draw on Carollo¹s considerable experience in arsenic removal and explore promising and innovative solutions to a national problem.

The second project will address the recent regulatory change for arsenic MCL and the resulting need for alternative arsenic treatment technologies. The project, Arsenic Removal Techniques, will evaluate new or modified technologies, designs, and alternatives to help small and rural drinking water utilities comply with the 10 parts per billion (ppb) MCL for arsenic.
The project will also address the disposal challenges of arsenic residuals, such as ion exchange brine and membrane concentrate.

"It is estimated that across the country over 3,000 community water systems will need to take action to lower arsenic," said Dr. Joon Min, Carollo¹s principal investigator for both arsenic projects. "These projects are of great importance because they seek to provide solutions to often overlooked and challenging problems associated with arsenic removal."

Industry decision makers across the nation are already taxed with remediating arsenic laden water sources, and desperately need new, cost-effective methods to restore their water supplies. Carollo¹s research will provide important information to aid municipalities, project planners and governing officials in their treatment efforts.

To succeed in these projects, Carollo Engineers will perform desktop evaluations, conduct surveys of full scale arsenic treatment plants, and implement bench- and pilot-scale testing where needed. Furthermore, Carollo Engineers will provide mitigation strategies for pH fluctuation, and develop new, innovative arsenic treatment techniques for cost-effective drinking water treatment and brine reduction.

The projects will rely on the cumulative professional experience of a number of Carollo¹s key personnel. Along with Dr. Min, the arsenic removal project team includes Lina Boulos, P.E., Christian Tasser and Hiriti Haileselassie, and technical advisors Drs. Robert Cushing and Gil Crozes. Outside technical advisors include Drs. Janet Hering of Caltech and Rhodes Trussell of Trussell Technologies. Participating utilities include such California utilities as the Victor Valley Water District; Baldy Mesa Water District; City of Loma Linda; and the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works, Water Works Division. Other utilities across the nation include the Sarasota County/Carlton Water Treatment Plant (Florida), Dare County Water Department (North Carolina), Desert Sand MDWCA (New Mexico), and Phoenix Water Services Department (Arizona).

Carollo Engineers, P.C. is a leader in water and wastewater planning, design, and construction management. Founded in 1933, the environmental engineering firm has successfully completed more than 15,000 public sector projects and is highly respected for its attention to client service and commitment to quality. Ranked as one of the nation's top consultants by the Engineering News Record and the largest firm dedicated exclusively to water and wastewater treatment services, Carollo Engineers maintains 24 offices in
11 states.

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