Oklahoma City expands water filtration capability with Aquastore tank

Sept. 15, 2015
As Oklahoma Ciyu grew and demand increased, so did the stress on the Overholser Water Treatment Plant's filtration system. As such, it replaced the old tank with an Aquastore tank from CST and Texas Aquastore.

Sept. 15, 2015 -- Water has played an important role in the history of Oklahoma City, Okla. -- the absence or overabundance of it has defined the region's growth over the years. Likewise, the devastating drought and flooding of the 1930s shaped the city's development, and just this spring, the community's resilience was tested by extreme levels of rain and flooding.

Built in the 1920s, the Overholser Water Treatment Plant on North Pennsylvania Avenue is a monument to the past with a timeless mandate: to supply clean water during periods of high demand, especially the scorching Oklahoma summers. A critical function of the plant is filtration, when the water passes through a sand and carbon filter. To clean the filter, the flow is reversed; the filters are back-washed, and the residual material is removed to a settling lagoon.

As the city grew and demand increased, so did the stress on the plant's filtration system. Increased volume meant that the filter required more cleaning, but the tank housing the filter was undersized and not equal to the task. Peter Borelli, senior engineer at Johnson & Associates, recommended replacing the old tank with an Aquastore tank from CST and Texas Aquastore. Aquastore tanks are made of glass-fused-to-steel and are corrosion-free and require little to no maintenance.

"The Aquastore's simplistic design allowed for a straightforward foundation design and installation in a crowded area of the plant where there was limited space to install and bring online before the old tank could be removed," said Borelli. Moreover, Larry Hare, civil engineer with Oklahoma City, added, "We're also looking at a longer lifespan and reduced costs with the Aquastore tank. That's a huge win for the city and its residents."

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About Aquastore

Aquastore is the preferred choice for potable water storage and many other liquid applications. More than 100,000 have been installed in over 70 countries. The big difference is the factory-applied silica glass coating forms a hard, inert barrier on both the interior and exterior surfaces to guard against weather and corrosion. For more information, visit www.texas-aquastore.com.




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