Aqua Cat Cruises of Miami, Florida, USA, recently purchased and installed ten HOBO Water Temp pro underwater data loggers

Bahamas: Aqua Cat Cruises of Miami, Florida, USA, recently purchased and installed ten HOBO Water Temp pro underwater data loggers to monitor coral growth and overall health of the reef at popular dive sites in the Exuma Cays.

Coral bleaching and algae growth in the reefs prompted the program. Currents that flow through the Exuma Sound bring varied water temperatures through the reef system. These temperature readings will be instrumental in determining the cause of the changes in the reef and whether further efforts will be initiated to preserve the coral reef ecosystem. The Bahamas' Ministries of Out Island Tourism and Marine Conservation are awaiting results from the study since the exotic reef is a popular tourist destination for kayaking, diving and snorkelling. For more information on underwater data loggers, visit:

Brazil: The Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) approved a US$ 30 million loan with the government of the Federative Republic of Brazil to finance the Northeast Water Resources Development project. The loan provides funds for civil works and procurement of equipment and materials in addition to consulting services for the development of water supply facilities in northeastern Brazil.

USA: The Hydraulic Institute, based in Parsippany, New Jersey, introduced a new 2003 Guide and Annual Subscriber service for ANSI/HI Pump Standards so users can receive the latest pump standards as soon as they are published. The ANSI/HI Pump Standards include definitions, industry terminology, design, application, installation, and operation and maintenance guidelines. The standards have been designed to help eliminate misunderstandings between the pump manufacturer, purchaser and/or user, and to assist the purchaser in selecting and obtaining the proper product for a particular need.

The following standards are in development by HI committees and anticipated for release in 2003. These new standards will automatically be sent to annual subscribers as part of the new service: controlled volume metering pumps; air-operated pump standards; air-operated pump test standards; and pump intake design standard. The latest ANSI/HI Pump Standards, 2002 Release and the 2003 Cross-Reference Guide and Master Index Subscription Services are available through the HI E-store at

USA: Contech® Construction Products Inc. of Middletown, Ohio, acquired the exclusive rights to the patented, non-patented and other intellectual properties for the concrete arch technology of Bebo of America. The Bebo® system, which includes prefabricated concrete arches with spans of 12 ft to 84 ft, complements Contech's steel and aluminium bridge product lines. The BeboTech acquisition is Contech's third acquisition this year, following closely its purchase of Southern Culvert in Florida and Culfabco in Alaska. Contech specialises in civil engineering site solutions and stormwater management products and services.

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