Aquatech Amsterdam 2006 highlights water industry innovations

Aug. 1, 2006
Thousands of water industry professionals from around the world are expected to visit the upcoming 21st Aquatech Amsterdam exhibition, a premier event held once every two years.

Thousands of water industry professionals from around the world are expected to visit the upcoming 21st Aquatech Amsterdam exhibition, a premier event held once every two years.

By Pamela Wolfe

The International Aquatech Innovation Award will be announced during the Opening Session of the 21st Aquatech Amsterdam exhibition for industrial, drinking, and wastewater processing that will be held from 26 to 29 September 2006 in the Amsterdam RAI Congress & Exhibition Centre, The Netherlands. So far, the organizer of the competition Amsterdam RAI, received 90 products from 81 companies.

For the fifth time, this prestigious award will honor the exhibitor with the most innovative product or service in the water industry. The award is designed to stimulate functional innovations in the sector - recognition of the fact that breakthroughs in technology and concept development guarantee the progress that is so crucial to the water industry’s future.

This year is the first time that exhibitors will be nominated for the prize in four categories - water treatment; transport & storage; process control & process automation; and point of use. An international trade jury, comprised of experts from research institutes, universities, and associations, will choose one product or service from each category as the category winner. The overall winner of the 2006 International Aquatech Innovation Award will be chosen from the four category winners. The jury assesses the entries on the basis of originality, applicability (technical, economic, and feasibility) and sustainability in terms of the environment, safety, and efficient use of energy.

A record number of innovations have been entered for the award this year, according to the Jury. Some of the short listed nominations are described below.

The 2004 Aquatech exhibition was held in the Amsterdam RAI Congress Exhibition Center in The Netherlands
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Process Control & Process Automation: The new FDO 700 IQ sensor from WTW Wissenschafttlich- Technische Werkstätten overcomes “first generation” problems in certain applications of optical processes for measuring dissolved oxygen, based on the luminescence of dyes. Manufacturers of these optical processes have claimed characteristics far superior to those in conventional electrochemical sensors, but certain application constraints emerged in applications. The WTW “next generation” sensor solves these application problems, and offers high accuracy, high stability, and low maintenance.

Hanna Instruments’ multiparameter portable instrument can monitor up to 13 different water quality parameters. The meter has a large dot matrix backlit LCD that automatically sizes the digits and allows full configuration and reading of each parameter measured. Each parameter is fully supported by the on-screen context sensitive help, both in the calibration mode and during measurement. Designed for outdoor environments, the meter is impact-resistant and waterproof (IP67). The multi sensor probe can be left underwater (IP68). To eliminate common problems associated with high impedance signals such as limitation of cable length and noise, the multiparameter probe incorporates a built-in microprocessor and amplifiers that convert the impedance signals from the sensors. The user is immediately warned in case of any abnormalities. For easy field calibration, Hanna’s Quick Calibration allows the user to standardize pH, conductivity, and oxygen with one solution.

Transport & Storage: The NMi VSL Water Flow Test rig, designed and developed by NMi Van Swinden Laboratorium B.V. (Netherlands), performs state-of-the-art calibrations, research and development, and test flow behavior measurements of water flow meters. It enables users to perform tests by means of a flying start stop without stopping the flow, or by means of a standing start stop. Flow and pressure can be regulated to test under actual field conditions. All conditions are measured with high accuracy instruments and are logged for later analysis and calculations. For the development of new flow meters, these conditions help users notice even the smallest changes.

Four different types of instruments can determine reference flow rates in volume and mass. These instruments are part of the national standards for flow measurement in the Netherlands. The flow ranges from milli-litres per hour to 400 cubic meters per hour. NMi VSL did a lot of testing during the commissioning of the test rig. Consequently, the board of accreditation in the Netherlands (RvA) was convinced almost immediately of the high accuracy of the test rig. The minimum diameter (bore) that can be tested on the test rig is 1 mm and the biggest is 250 mm.

The test rig will also be used to develop a new challenging innovative method for the testing of flow meters. This method is for dynamic testing where the flow is suddenly redirected from one flow pipe to another one to collect the water on a weighing tank. NMi VSL hopes to have this flow diverter system to work before the end of 2008.

Another product in this category is the electromagnetic water meter Waterflux, introduced by Krohne, which offers a high sampling rate and battery life of ten years. The GSM-capable water meter allows users to read flow rates using the internet or a cell phone. The Waterflux water meter has all the advantages of mechanical water meters while offering a solution for traditionally problematic applications, such as water with suspended particles and bi-directional metering. Its measuring path offers advantages with respect to pressure drop and long-term stability, which are affected by the mechanics of conventional meters. Users must rely on data transmission in remote shafts or well connecting chambers. Waterflux water meters feature a built-in compact module that includes a data logger and a GSM transmitter. The data logger stores all flow data, including peak values and low flow rates during night operation. Data is transmitted via SMS or GPRS to the nearest public transmission tower and from there to an internet or cellular phone network server.

The new FDO 700 IQ sensor from WTW solves application problems of optical processes for measuring dissolved oxygen.
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Wilo Nederland’s underground pumping stations with pumps installed in dry sump and solids separation system ensure that pumps do not come into contact with the solids in the sewage during the pumping process. With this system, the incoming sewage enters the distribution reservoir and then flows into the respectively open solids reservoir. Here, separating flaps hold back solids. The solids are filtered out. Only the “thin” sewage can continue through the pump into the large joint collection reservoir. When the collection reservoir is being filled, the water level in the solids separation reservoir also rises. The shut-off ball rises and automatically closes the inlet. The pumping process begins in accordance with the level. The low operating costs result from the use of pumps with small ball passage because of high efficiency, requiring less motor power.

Point of Use & Water Treatment: The SmartMeter SM150, developed by Severn Trent Metering Services, is a domestic water meter that works according to fluidic oscillator technology. The meter has no moving parts, therefore is not affected by particulates in the water, which would normally cause a mechanical water meter to jam and lose its accuracy. The SM150 is the only true electronic water meter on the market currently, according to Severn Trent Metering, meaning that the scope for integration with automatic meter reading and pre-payment systems is better than existing technology.

The mobile water purification unit, Perfector-E, from Norit Membrane Technology B.V., filtrates and disinfects heavily polluted surface water to provide high quality potable water. Although not designed for desalination, the unit provides pre-treatment for reverse osmosis. The “Perfector-E” is fed by a mobile generator and has a capacity of 2,000 liters per hour net. Based on membrane filtration, the unit uses an automatically backwashed filter to retain impurities, followed by ultraviolet (UV) disinfection. The unit has been successfully used in Indonesia, Uganda, and Pakistan for disaster relief efforts.

Rather than put light into water, the design of Atlantium’s Hydro-Optic Advanced Water Disinfection (HOD) System puts water into light. The system’s unique design places powerful, proprietary medium-pressure, high-intensity UV light sources outside the water and behind a thick quartz window. The core of the reactor is made of a large quartz tube that acts as both a clear water channel (no lamps inside) and as an effective light trap that keeps the light in the water using the principle of “total internal reflection.” This configuration creates a homogeneous, uniform distribution of the UV light throughout the reactor cross-section and ensures a UV dose that systematically achieves five and higher log bacteria reduction.

Hyflux CEPAration BV in Helmond, The Netherlands, manufactures proprietary hollow fiber ceramic membranes and modules, combining the advantages of both polymeric hollow fiber membranes with the durable properties of ceramic membranes. The low-cost, compact membrane modules are a breakthrough for the further growth of the use of ceramic membranes in industrial applications. CEPAration’s hollow fiber ceramic membranes and modules are used for water purification, including the treatment of industrial oily water and recovery of drinking water. Recently Asia’s leading liquid treatment company Hyflux Ltd acquired a 51 percent share in the company to be renamed Hyflux CEPAration BV.

During Aquatech Amsterdam 2006 all short listed products will be on display at the three AquaStages, located throughout the halls of the Europa complex of Amsterdam RAI.


The transfer of knowledge and expertise is a key part of Aquatech Amsterdam 2006. An important element is the new AquaStages, where innovative seminars will highlight the latest trends and developments in the industry. Located directly on the exhibition floor, entry is completely free of charge, opening up the transfer of know-how to all.

Various seminars and workshops are organised by external trade organisations and publishing houses in the special multi-purpose AquaStage theatres, with decision-makers from the entire world in attendance. Exhibitors will also stage workshops and technical lectures here. For a look at the programme, please visit

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Aquatech Amsterdam 2006 will be open every day from 10.00 to 18.00 hours, except for the final day, when the exhibition will close an hour earlier.

ITT signs on as Aquatech gold sponsor

Amsterdam RAI announced a new partnership with ITT, which will be the exclusive gold sponsor for this year’s edition of Aquatech Amsterdam. Xander de Bruine of Amsterdam RAI described this partnership as “the ideal synergy of two premium brands that can reinforce each other through intensive cooperation. ITT is a huge player in the water industry, and Aquatech Amsterdam is the major international exhibition in the field of process, drinking and wastewater.”

According to ITT’s Björn von Euler, the cooperation with Amsterdam RAI is a perfect complement to the company’s international allure. “Aquatech Amsterdam 2006 is one of the most important events of the year to us,” Von Euler noted. “This will allow ITT to simultaneously place its Flygt, Lowara, Aquious and Wedeco brands in the spotlight for the first time.”

Xander de Bruine of Amsterdam RAI and ITT’s Björn Von Euler sign partnership agreement for gold sponsorship.
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