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Giant screens delivered to upgrade Indian River intake

Headworks has delivered two screens, each the height of a five story building, for the intake of the Shahad River, 60km northeast of Mumbai.

Heavy debris from the Shahad River had been blocking and clogging the intake structure and transfer pumps at the local water treatment plant.

A manual screen was installed with hopes of reducing maintenance issues, but large debris including the carcasses of small animals made the working conditions unsanitary for the operators.

The conditions demanded a bar screen with 10mm spacings that could withstand flows of up to 1,650 MLD. Although the total capacity of the WTP is 900 MLD, the increase in flow capacity will support future expansions of the facility.

Georgia awards consortium waterworks contract

ILF Consulting Engineers will supervise construction works in 17 communities in Georgia on behalf of the Municipal Development Fund of Georgia. The total investment of approximately 25 million EUR is financed by EIB and aims to improve the water supply situation in Georgia. Start of the construction works will be in early April with an implementation period of 30 months.

Flash flood warning contract awarded in China

Tri-Tech Holding has secured contracts for flash flood early warning and small river hydrologic monitoring projects in five provinces in China. The projects total approximately $7.02 million (approximately RMB 44.25 million).

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Through its affiliate, Beijing Yanyu Water Tech, Tri-Tech will provide flash flood monitoring and forecasting systems for eleven districts, counties and cities in Heilongjiang, Fujian and Guizhou provinces. Each system includes an information collection module, an early warning module and an information dissemination platform.

In addition, the company will implement part of small river hydrological monitoring systems for Anhui and Shanxi provinces. The scope of the work includes automatic collection and communication systems for rainfall and water level information. The company will be involved in the production or procurement of equipment, software development, installation and debugging of the systems and technical trainings to customers.

These projects are scheduled for completion from the end of May through the end of July 2012.

Warren Zhao, CEO of Tri-Tech Holding, said: "As continued government policy support and fund allocation to water conservancy demonstrate, China's water conservation industry is booming in 2012."

India PM calls for groundwater regulation to prevent theft

Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh underlined that the planning, development and management of water resources must keep pace with current realities. At the Indian Water Week Dr. Singh said one of the problems in achieving better management of water is that the current institutional and legal structures that deal with water in the country are "inadequate, fragmented and therefore need urgent reform". Discussing the declining groundwater table, the Prime Minister pointed out that the present legal situation gives every land holder the right to pump unlimited quantities of water from a bore well on his own ground. There is no regulation of ground water extraction and no coordination among competing uses, he added.

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