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Properly disposing of sewage has always been a major concern for Public Works personnel, as well as the public sector.

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Restricting Retreating Effluent Waters

Properly disposing of sewage has always been a major concern for Public Works personnel, as well as the public sector. Recently it has been at the forefront of many discussions within most communities. One of the most costly concerns related to sewage treatment is the enormous expenditure affiliated with the proper treating of wastewater prior to releasing the "treated" water in to the clean water ways. Due to heavy rainfall, flooding or backflow of already treated water this can double and sometimes triple the cost due to misapplied and/or improperly maintained check valves. The ProFlex™ 700 Series rubber check valve has been engineered, manufactured and tested to supply the answers to these back flow concerns, and to be an end all to some of the cost affiliated with retreating effluent waters.

Pennwell web 350 260

With its unique design, the ProFlex 700 Series valve offers extremely low head cracking pressures yet offers superb back flow prevention with absolutely zero maintenance. The simple design allows effluent to force the two opposing rubber lips apart which permits flow, yet will quickly close preventing return of already treated effluent with as little as one to two inches of back pressure. Even at low head pressures or maximum flood conditions the ProFlex 700 Series valve will continue to provide full port flow while standing ready for the first chance of back pressure or return flow.

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The valves are offered in four styles with the most commonly used being the Series 730, which is a simple slip on design and the Series 710 which is a flanged unit available in all flange configurations including square head wall attachments. ProFlex also offers an inline check valve Series 720 & 740 which can be inserted in an existing pipe. This style has been designed to prevent damage to costly pumps due to water hammer and back flow conditions and also preventing unwanted back flow. The advantage of the In-Line design is that jackets or chambers are not required to house the valve; it simply slides into any available pipe.

Most recently, Proco has developed its newest style 770 and 780, which is a wafer type valve with a rubber disk which when inserted in-line, provides superb flow conditions and excellent back flow prevention. Most importantly this valve will provide superb adaptability as it is available in Stainless, Carbon Steel and PVC orifice plates with NSF 61 certified elastomers.

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