Water Storage

Sept. 1, 2013
Compilation of product and news announcements focused on water storage

Camera for AD tanks

Hayes GFS, a provider of Glass-Fused-to-Steel (GFS) Tanks has worked with Ashtead Technology to source an intrinsically safe-rated camera to help a local authority inspect one of its anaerobic sludge digestors.

Following discussions with Ashtead Technology's engineers, a suitably certified push-rod camera was deployed from a customised access point that enabled the Hayes' staff to produce comprehensive images and videos showing the condition of the digester's roof and walls.

Despite its strength, GFS also presents a significant challenge for internal inspection. Most of Ashtead Technology's push-rod cameras and remote-control crawlers are employed for the inspection of drains, culverts and pipes.

However, these environments can also be potentially explosive due to the accumulation of methane, so intrinsically safe instruments and a Pearpoint P374 camera system in conjunction with a digital video recorder, was recommended for the AD application.


Storage tank covers

CST Covers provides custom designed aluminium structures and covers for municipal and industrial water and wastewater applications.

The company offers multiple structural, high-strength aluminum design solutions including domes, vaults, extruded flat covers, formed flat panel covers, truss supported covers, and space frames, as well as custom products specifically designed for customers' unique vertical and overhead applications. CST Industries Inc.


Tank cleaning system

There is an increasing demand, particularly from water utility operators, for an effective way to thoroughly clean storm tanks in an automated way.

Generally, storm overfill tanks are cleaned manually where someone with a pressure washer would enter the tank to perform regular cleaning as part of tank maintenance. However, this is a labour intensive process and it also raises safety issues.

A solution has now been developed by spray nozzle specialists BETE with the introduction of its HydroWhirl Storm blaster - an automated storm tank and screen cleaning system. This system will be particularly appreciated by water utility operators where storm tank cleaning and screening can often be an expensive, labour intensive process.

The Storm Blaster can be configured to deliver high-impact cleaning to between 80º and 180º downward spray pattern. This and the combination of its twin head, 8 nozzle design, results in powerful cleaning to storm tanks up to 20 metres in diameter with a cleaning cycle of under 10 minutes. The 4 nozzle variant can clean tanks up to 30 metres in diameter with cycle times as low as 15 minutes.


Large volume tanks

For a large volume tank, Superior Tank Company can erect a Precision Engineered Welded Storage Tank.

A Superior welded tank can be used for a wide variety of products ranging from rainwater collection systems to fuel storage, up to 20 million gallons (75,700 m3).

They can manufacture a welded tank to suit customer's desired applications, whether it be potable water, wastewater, water for fire prevention, crude oil, refinery fluids, and more.


MEPAS storm flows

Pulsar Process Measurement have supplied non-contacting ultrasonic level measurement instruments that have been incorporated into United Utilities flagship project, the Mersey Estuary Pollution Alleviation Scheme (MEPAS).

The aim was to provide key control and monitoring functions throughout the network of CSO/SSO (overflow) chambers, vortex and interceptor sewers that form the MEPAS network.

Under the new control arrangement, the holding capacity of the system is maximized, so storm flows to the plant are better managed, discharges of untreated and semi-treated sewage to the river are minimized. Limits are in place and controlled accurately to avoid any risk of further flooding arising from overflow of the system.

Each CSO includes three or more Pulsar units, at measurement points to maintain control and flows – within the chamber, at the outfall end, measuring river levels and within the vortex chamber feeding on to the wastewater treatment plant.


Potable tank mixer

Priced below $8,000 and with a performance guarantee, the GridBee® GS-12 electric mixer from Medora Corporation is a low-cost solution for preventing ice damage in potable water storage tanks.

Year round, the GS-12 mixer helps minimize thermal stratification, prevent short-circuiting and stagnant water conditions, and ensure uniform water age and distribution of disinfectant. The GS-12 takes new incoming water off the floor and mixes it throughout the water column.