March 1, 2011
Suez to lead water recovery plan in Haiti

As part of a rehabilitation process following the devastating earthquake in January 2010, Haiti's National Directorate for Drinking Water and Sanitation has selected Suez Environnement for a three-year plan to restore drinking water and sanitation services in the metropolitan area of Port-au-Prince. The project will be led by the firm's French, Spanish and U.S. subsidiaries, Lyonnaise des Eaux, Agbar and United Water and investments needed for the project will be financed by the Inter-American Development Bank and the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID). As part of the collaboration, solutions will be provided to meet the urgent requirements of the 2.5 million inhabitants of the Port-au-Prince region and the long-term management of its essential water and sanitation services.

U.S. Water Prize winners announced by CWAA

The Clean Water America Alliance has announced winners of the 2011 U.S. Water Prize for watershed-based approaches toward water sustainability.

Winners, in alphabetical order included the City of Los Angeles, Milwaukee Water Council, National Great Rivers Restoration & Education Center, New York City Department of Environmental Protection, and the Pacific Institute.

The City of Los Angeles, particularly, the Department of Sanitation, and New York City Department of Environmental Protection are planning, integrating, and incorporating innovative green infrastructure approaches and increasing resource recovery through water reuse and other cutting edge technologies. Both cities are maximising their resources through community partnerships and involvement.

The Milwaukee Water Council is establishing public-private collaborations that advance water technology and promote economic development.

As a result, the Milwaukee area is becoming known as a "World Water Hub", according to Clean Water America Alliance. A state-of-the-art facility, the National Great Rivers Research & Education Center (Alton, Ill.) is mobilising volunteer communities around the confluence of two rivers and creating a national and international center for science, education and public outreach.

The Pacific Institute is said to be consistently in the vanguard of water issues from water use efficiency to climate change, informing political debate and elevating public awareness.

"These five water champions reflect the diversity of America and set a shining example for innovating, integrating, and collaborating from coast to coast to sustain America's most precious liquid asset," said Ben Grumbles, president.

Clean water technology research MOU signed between Singapore water agency PUB and Ontario goverment

Tihe Government of Ontario in Canada has entered into a strategic alliance with Singapore's national water agency, PUB, to conduct advanced clean water research and development.

Under a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), Ontario and PUB will collaborate in the areas of clean water technologies and exchange knowledge and expertise that leverage each jurisdiction's resources. "This MOU bodes well as Singapore aims to draw world-class research and development of talent and companies in the water sector, in line with our aspiration to build Singapore as a hub for water knowledge and solutions," said Khoo Teng Chye, executive director of the environment and Water Industry Programme Office (EWI) and chief executive of PUB.

Ontario is the first North American jurisdiction to enter into such an agreement with Singapore, even though more than 70 water companies and 14 corporate research and development centres have already set up facilities and offices in Singapore.

The first Lee Kuan Yew Water Prize winner, Dr. Andrew Benedek, is a Canadian citizen who founded Zenon, which is based in Ontario.

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