Dutch electro-desalination membrane technology bags €6m investment

Sept. 15, 2016
Dutch desalination company Voltea has secured €6 million in investment to help with the development of the business...

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands – Dutch desalination company Voltea has secured€6 million in investment to help with the development of the business.

Investment will be used to “accelerate commercialisation” of its electro-desalination membranecapacitive deionization (CapDI©) technology.

According to the company, capital will be used to “hire key engineering and sales talent, and to bring online an automated, robotic module assembly facility”.

Anterra Capital joined an existing consortium of investors supporting the round, including Rabobank, ETF and Unilever.

Voltea’s CapDI devices remove salts and other dissolved solids from water by applying electric fields across the water flow. The modular devices have been scaled down to the size of a coffee cup.

Up to 90% of treated water is recovered during this process, the company said, which is a big step forward in efficient water use.

Oliver Gosemann, chairman of Voltea, said: “The water industry is quite conservative and slow to adopt innovative technologies, which is surprising given the pressure on water resources worldwide. However, Voltea has been able to transition very quickly from an R&D culture to driving commercialization of CapDI and has an impressive list of blue-chip global brands in late stage evaluation of the technology in many markets. The future is very bright.”


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