Hitachi bolsters water technology manufacturing with consulting services arm

Dec. 7, 2016
Japanese multinational company Hitachi has taken a plunge into the world of water project consultancy...

TOKYO, Japan – Japanese multinational company Hitachi has taken a plunge into the world of water project consultancy.

To be known as Hitachi Consulting Water Management Solutions, the subsidiary will provide assessments, technologies and equipment implementation, as well as water management intelligence systems, and on-going management and maintenance.

The announcement follows a merger of the company’s reverse osmosis membrane manufacturing division and its water facility engineering business (read story).

In a statement, Hitachi Consulting said its water solution offering will include:

- Water Quality: Water and chemical monitoring, pH management, treatment solutions

- Water Reduction: Infrastructure, process/behavior and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) solutions

- Water Metering and Reporting: Metering infrastructure, information management, plant KPI dashboards

- Wastewater Management: Cleansing and remediation, recycling and reuse, membrane solutions

- Biofuel: Plant infrastructure, treatment solutions, waste management

- Regulatory/Compliance: NPDES permit management, risk avoidance FMEA, OpEx/CapEx reduction

- Maintenance: On-call service engineers, replacement part ordering, annual equipment evaluation, and on-going management and maintenance.

It was back in 2011 when Hitachi signalled its ambitions for the global water market, joining forces with South Korean company LG Electronics as the majority equity shareholder.

David Wechsler, senior VP at Hitachi Consulting, said: “With the global demand for clean water doubling every 10 years, the need for more effective water management has never been greater. For many leading companies in the food and beverage, oil and gas, industrial manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries, smart water management is the key to future success. By utilizing an innovative water management program, organizations can significantly lower water costs and provide solutions for reducing water depletion and contamination."


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