Four companies shortlisted for Singapore’s fifth desalination plant

Feb. 7, 2017
Four companies from Asia have been shortlisted to develop Singapore’s fifth desalination plant on Jurong Island... 

SINGAPORE – Four companies from Asia have been shortlisted to develop Singapore’s fifth desalination plant on Jurong Island.

They include Singapore’s Keppel Infrastructure Holdings Pte Ltd, Sembcorp Utilities Pte Ltd, Tuas Power Ltd and Malaysian company YTL Power International Berhad.

Companies have been selected based on having existing infrastructure, either power or steam generation on Jurong Island, to which they will couple the new desalination plant.

The aim is that seawater intake and outfall structures previously built can then serve a second purpose for the new desalination facility.

It will however mean that, if successful, the power-based companies must buy and operate seawater reverse osmosis equipment (SWRO).

The 137,000 m3/day project will be delivered under a Design-Build-Own-Operate (DBOO) arrangement by 2020.

WWi reported last summer that the development would be co-located with existing industrial facilities on the island.

The successful applicant will enter into a 25-year water purchase agreement to supply desalinated water to PUB. The water purchase agreement will set out the tariff structure, terms and conditions for the supply and purchase of desalinated water.

The four previous desalination projects in Singapore have or will be delivered by Singaporean firms (watch newscast).

By 2060, desalinated water is expected to meet up to 30% of Singapore’s future water needs.

Mr Young Joo Chye, PUB’s Director of Engineering Development and Procurement. “Desalinated water is a key pillar of Singapore’s water supply strategy. As a source of water that is independent of rainfall, it bolsters the reliability of our water supply against prolonged periods of dry spells and droughts.”


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