Scenario Control Center delivers 'what if?' modeling to the GIS environment

Aug. 28, 2002
Haestad Methods recently announced the addition of Scenario Control Center™ to WaterGEMS™, its GIS-based water distribution modeling software.

WATERBURY, Conn., August 28, 2002 -- Haestad Methods recently announced the addition of Scenario Control Center™ to WaterGEMS™, its GIS-based water distribution modeling software.

Scenario Control Center provides a consolidated data management environment for managing "what-if" situations in the distribution network and maintaining a paper trail of design and operational changes to the system-without leaving the GIS environment.

This technological breakthrough enables engineers to avoid inefficiencies that the GIS data repository would otherwise present and leads the way to much more effective modeling and decision support.

"High-quality scenario management is at the heart of proficient modeling," said Gregg Herrin, Lead Software Engineer for Haestad Methods. "We pioneered the concept of scenario-based modeling with the release of WaterCAD® Version 3 in 1997. Since then, we have continually advanced the technology to create an indispensable decision-support and master-planning tool that delivers real productivity gains for our customers. By incorporating this technology into the GIS-modeling environment, engineers and planners can now visualize the impact of proposed system expansion and rehabilitation on other critical infrastructure."

Scenarios in WaterGEMS are formed by mixing and matching alternative data sets that describe specific aspects of the model, such as water usage, physical attributes, and operational settings. By eliminating data and file duplication, this approach supports the WaterGEMS philosophy of minimizing data replication.

"Hydraulic modeling plays a critical part in the decision-making process for engineers who are responsible for designing systems to provide reliable and cost-effective service over a wide range of conditions. The Scenario Control Center is the perfect tool to assist engineers in the evaluation of those various conditions, and in understanding the impact of proposed changes on their systems," said Robert Mankowski, Director of Operations, Research and Development for Haestad Methods.

Scenario Control Center is an integral component of WaterGEMS, Haestad Methods' utility-wide solution for GIS-based water distribution modeling and management. For more information on WaterGEMS' technology, visit... -

About Haestad Methods:

Founded in 1979, Haestad Methods provides more than 125,000 civil engineers in over 170 countries with hydrologic and hydraulic computer modeling applications, continuing education workshops, and textbooks.

Haestad Methods' complete suite of engineering software products for water, storm, and sanitary sewer modeling includes WaterGEMS™, WaterCAD®, Darwin™, SewerCAD®, StormCAD®, PondPack®, FlowMaster®, CulvertMaster®, HEC-Pack™, Skelebrator™, and LoadBuilder™.

Haestad Methods trains thousands of engineers each year. It is duly authorized to award CEUs and PDHs and is licensed by Sandia National Laboratories to conduct RAM-WSM (Risk Assessment Methodology for Water Utilities) training.

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