Osmonics awarded four new orders for MUNI Series municipal water treatment systems

Aug. 26, 2002
Osmonics Inc. was recently awarded contracts for four municipal water treatment systems to be used to purify water for Clara City, Minn.; Todd Creek, Colo.; Hennessy, Okla. and The Village of Golf, Fla.

MINNETONKA, Minn., August 26, 2002 - Osmonics Inc. (NYSE:OSM) was recently awarded contracts for four municipal water treatment systems to be used to purify water for Clara City, Minnesota; Todd Creek, Colorado; Hennessy, Oklahoma and The Village of Golf, Florida.

The four contracts will generate over $1,000,000 in sales for the company.

Each of the cities had different reasons for choosing membrane technology as their treatment method, but all selected Osmonics MUNI Series™ platform products to meet their needs.

Clara City needed nitrate and ammonium removal, Todd Creek desired an overall improvement in the aesthetic quality of their drinking water, the city of Hennessy required treatment to meet compliance for nitrate levels, and the Village of Golf wanted not only "bottled" water quality at the tap, but an additional source of low

TDS water for irrigation and exceptional color removal. Osmonics' wide selection of NSF 61-certified membrane types allowed each community to meet their needs at the lowest overall cost of installation and operation.

Unlike the typical six- to twelve-month delivery cycle for replacement of municipal infrastructures, these four systems will be built and tested at Osmonics' ISO 9001-certified factory and delivered in less than 10 weeks from receipt of order.

The MUNI Series systems are pre-engineered with proven and reliable designs, featuring NSF 61-certified membrane elements. Platform designs simplify installation and operation. NSF-61 certification provides assurance of suitability for use in the production of potable water. Osmonics will also provide the four communities with operation training and ongoing system support throughout the life of the equipment.

"We are realizing continued growth in the municipal market as EPA regulations, consumers' heightened awareness of water quality and diminishing potable water sources continue to drive demand for our membrane-based municipal water treatment systems," said Curt Weitnauer, vice president and general manager of Osmonics' Process Water Group.

"New low energy membrane technologies are not only capable of meeting specific treatment requirements like nitrate, radium, and arsenic removal, but also provide a cost-effective alternative to conventional filtration while providing communities with a vastly improved product at the tap."

Since 1969, Osmonics has helped communities around the world comply with drinking water regulations by engineering, manufacturing and supplying membrane-based water treatment equipment. The MUNI Series line of energy-efficient water treatment systems enables municipalities to comply with the 1996 Safe Drinking Water Act amendment by treating water for removal of dissolved minerals, arsenic, hardness, color, radium, nitrates, sulfates, and nearly all other contaminants.

Osmonics is a manufacturer and worldwide marketer of high-technology water purification and fluid filtration, fluid separation and fluid handling equipment, as well as the replaceable components used in purification, filtration, and separation equipment.

These products are used by a broad range of industrial, commercial, household and institutional customers. Osmonics is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol OSM.

For further information on Osmonics' proven solutions for municipal water treatment, call (888) 898-6766 or (952) 933-2277; write to Osmonics at 5951 Clearwater Drive, Minnetonka, Minn. 55343-8995; or visit the company's municipal web site at www.muni-ro.com.

Source: Osmonics

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