WEF to provide training on security tools

Aug. 20, 2002
WEF will be providing training on the use of tools and resources including AMSA's new wastewater security training software or VSAT and the development and upgrade of emergency response plans.

August 20, 2002 -- The Water Environment Federation (WEF) will be providing training to focus on facilitating the understanding and application of tools and resources, including AMSA's new wastewater security training software or VSAT and the development and upgrade of emergency response plans.

This training will expand on the WEF's general wastewater security training and consist of the following three elements:

1) Twelve 2-day training sessions workshops with representatives from up to 30 POTWs per location (2 people per facility) to receive hands-on training based on their facilities vulnerability assessment and emergency response plan development, upgrade, and implementation needs with a focus on the new wastewater security training software. The focus will be on wastewater treatment plants that discharge greater than 15 million gallons per day (mgd), these sessions will be by invite only.

2) Two web-based "Click, Listen, and Learn" training sessions co-sponsored by WEF and the American Public Works Association. The first session will both summarize the principles covered in the general security training, introduce the AMSA VSAT software, and raise awareness of EPA's Water Utility Response, Recovery and Remediation Guidance for Man-made and/or Technological Emergencies. Following the initial training session a second session will be held to provide more detailed training on the VSAT and provide case studies from use of the software.

3) Ten "train the trainer" sessions that will briefly summarize the general security training materials before dedicating the majority of the session to training utilities on the VSAT software and emergency response plan development and upgrade.

Each session would train 15-20 individuals per site who would then be a resource for smaller to medium size utilities in need of hands-on training to conduct vulnerability assessments with the AMSA VSAT tool, these sessions will be by invite only.

Interested readers may visit WEF at http://www.wef.org or the Water Protection Task Force security page at http://www.epa.gov/safewater/security/ in the very near future for detailed information on this training.

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