Vivendi Water Systems wins contract to modernize Acheres Wastewater Treatment Plant near Paris

Nov. 8, 2002
Vivendi Water Systems has won a four-year contract for total nitrification and partial denitrification of wastewater at the Acheres plant near Paris worth a total of 390 million euros in revenue.

Nov. 8, 2002 -- Following a performance-based tender issued by Paris wastewater treatment authority SIAAP, Vivendi Water Systems has won the four year contract for total nitrification and partial denitrification of wastewater at the Acheres plant worth a total of 390 million euros in revenue.

As part of its new development plan, SIAAP initiated modernization programs for wastewater treatment plants in the Paris region, including Europe's biggest at Acheres-Seine Aval.

SIAAP serves 8 million people in the greater Paris region, treating 3 million cubic meters of wastewater a day.

During preliminary studies of the region's wastewater treatment, SIAAP signed an agreement with its partners1 aimed at reducing the volume treated at the Acheres plant by 25%. The first phase to bring the plant into line with the European Union's pollution standards was then launched.

The plant's new treatment unit, which will take more than four years to upgrade, will add a biological treatment train to the existing facilities. The solution chosen by the customer is BIOSTYR®, a compact, fixed-culture biological filtration process with a record-breaking filtering surface of 1.5 hectares.

Vivendi Water Systems will also ensure the elimination of all noise and odor pollution, as well as by-products.

The process will aim to treat carbon pollution and reduce ammonia pollution through tertiary treatment3 on fixed cultures, which will then be partially denitrified. Ultimately, the Acheres plant will treat 1,700 cubic meters per day in dry weather, with a peak volume of 45 cubic meters per second.

SIAAP's partners are the Hauts de Seine Regional Council, Val de Marne Regional Council, Seine Saint Denis Regional Council, the High Council of Fishing, the interdepartmental institute of dams and reservoirs in the Seine basin (IBRBS), the fishing and nature association, Ile de France Region, SAGEP, SEDIF, the Paris municipality and the Seine-Normandy water agency.

BIOSTYR® is a tried and tested process that has been installed in about 30 wastewater treatment plants around Europe, treating a total of over 6 million equivalent population at a flow rate of more than 1.5 million cubic meters per day and capacities of up to 1.5 million equivalent population.

Tertiary treatment is the third level of wastewater treatment. The primary level consists of removing waste and suspended solids; the secondary level aims to reduce dissolved pollutants using biological and physical-chemical processes; the tertiary level is even more advanced, and aims to disinfect the water and remove nitrogen and phosphorus.

VIVENDI WATER SYSTEMS, a subsidiary of VIVENDI WATER, is a provider in the water treatment field.

With VIVENDI WATER SYSTEMS, local authorities and industrial manufacturers benefit from the double expertise of a factory designer/builder and a supplier of standard or tailor-made equipment and systems for water, effluent and sludge treatment. The company also provides its customers with a wide range of services guaranteeing the total efficiency of the installations thanks to its geographical coverage and the operational know-how of its teams.

VIVENDI WATER SYSTEMS operates in over 50 countries and achieved sales of 1.263 billion euros in 2001.

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