Ozolutions completes promising sales missions

Sept. 3, 2002
Ozolutions Inc., Toronto based international distributor of water treatment systems, announced completion of several important Latin American sales missions.

TORONTO, ON, Sept. 3, 2002 -- Ozolutions Inc., Toronto based international distributor of water treatment systems, announced completion of several important Latin American sales missions.

ELCE MISSION-PERU: ELCE activated water treatment solutions were proposed to a major fish meal producer for use both on board fishing ships and on shore processing plants.

The purpose: to ensure that fish meal species arrive in good health and retain the highest level of protein to achieve maximum selling prices for the producer. Initial proposals for up to three ELCE units, each in excess of $100,000 US, have been submitted for installation on fishing vessels.

There are potential sales to other vessels in the fish meal fleet as well as installations in Peruvian fish meal processing plants with ELCE water activation offering significant productivity gains within a relatively short payback period. Ozolutions also explored ELCE use in kidney dialysis applications where water quality is such a critical health factor. Melon, tomato and asparagus operations are major industries in Peru which could also benefit from ELCE water activation already proven in other agricultural locations.

ELCE-ONGOING COSTA RICAN SALES PROGRAM: Preliminary tests of ELCE equipment in concrete production demonstrated an 11 percent reduction in cement usage while maintaining the required levels of resistance and workability of the finished concrete. Additional testing may also determine if less water may also be used with ELCE units. With cement being a major cost component in the concrete industry, ELCE technology represents a major growth opportunity .

In addition, Ozolutions is actively exploring ELCE applications for use in boilers, laundries, refrigeration plants, cooling towers as well as hospitals, hotels and the food processing industry.

In Canada, an initial installation at a printing plant demonstrated that ELCE water activation effectively replaced the use of chemical solutions to reduce the surface tension of water when combined with ink. The result: savings in the cost of chemicals, a slight reduction in paper spoilage, and reduced contamination of the non-image area of the printing plate.

Ozolutions is now selecting several additional printing plant installations to determine if ELCE can also reduce ink usage and the rate of wear on metering rollers which dampen the printing plates with the ink/ water emulsion. In the highly competitive printing industry, ELCE potential to increase productivity and/or reduce costs represents a significant market opportunity which the company will aggressively pursue in Canada.

HANKIN OZONE-COSTA RICA: Ozolutions also recently concluded an extensive Hankin Ozone sales mission in Costs Rica. The company visited several large municipalities where there is concern over the presence of organic material in the water supply. which, when combined with the chlorine currently being used , can produce trihalomethanes a potentially serious health threat. Ozone can replace chlorine currently being used in these water treatment systems.

The company also visited two major tourist developments requiring comprehensive water treatment systems, one of which will contain 7 hotels, high rise condominium hotels and individual condominium units, with the complex providing a total of 6000 rooms. Proposals for a ozone based water treatment system for this major complex are already underway with Hankin ozone based solutions representing significant public and private sector sales opportunities in Costa Rica.

Max Weissengruber, Ozolutions President stated that "Ozolutions is well positioned to capitalize on the growing preference for non chemical water treatment methods with both ELCE and Hankin ozone technologies providing proven, environmentally friendly solutions for a wide range of water treatment problems for both health protection and industrial/commercial productivity gains."

Ozolutions Inc. is a NASD-OTCBB listed company whose quotation symbol is "OZLU".

Source: Ozolutions Inc.

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