High Tower Software introduces homeland security intelligence application

June 26, 2002
High Tower Software recently introduced TowerView HS for immediate processing, analysis and visualization of potential security threats to critical infrastructure.

Software allows officials to recognize security threats from water treatment plants, power plants and other sources

Washington, D.C., June 26, 2002 -- High Tower Software, a provider of real-time security intelligence applications, recently introduced TowerView HS for immediate processing, analysis and visualization of potential security threats to critical infrastructure.

Built upon core technology developed at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory for processing data from NASA deep space probes and Defense Department satellites, TowerView HS collects, analyzes and instantly correlates electronic data from thousands of location points, such as sensors, monitors, network security devices, physical security systems, surveillance systems, computer systems, alarms, etc., continuously displaying updates on a 3D CyberGrid.

Data collection points are represented as colored dots on the CyberGrid with colored spikes or "towers" representing the most significant events, according to specified parameters.

By clicking on a tower alert, details from the collection point is displayed, allowing officials to recognize security threats and trends from critical facilities such as water treatment plants, power plants, transportation hubs, etc., as well as health-related threats from chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear exposures.

"TowerView HS prioritizes massive volumes of information instantaneously rather than in hours or days with its real-time analytics, event correlation and intuitive visual display," said Ursula Schwuttke, president and CEO of High Tower Software based in Aliso Viejo, Calif.

"It's designed for today's security environment that can't wait for volumes of information to be loaded into a database for later analysis and reporting," Schwuttke said.

TowerView HS employs a rules-based processing engine that is capable of performing Boolean logic, pattern matching and advanced statistical and arithmetic functions for instantaneous analysis and correlation based on pre-selected or customized parameters.

Easily installed and integrated in complex computing environments, the software provides a hardened, encrypted communications environment, employee access controls, and authentication of application components to ensure security. The software also offers automatic notification of specified alerts via e-mail, pager and phone.

"TowerView HS can provide any government entity charged with protecting the public with an immediate understanding of all current security threats worldwide," said John Howard, vice president of marketing for High Tower.

"It offers the capability to aggregate and analyze a multitude of real-time security event data sources simultaneously, and to correlate these events to determine the true nature of the threat and what type of response should be triggered," Howard added.

Technical requirements to run the software include a Linux (Red Hat) or UNIX (HPUX, Solaris) operating system, 700 MHz x86 or 300 MHz Sparc processor, 512MB of RAM, and 1 GB of free disk space.

About High Tower Software:
Founded in 1998, High Tower Software is a privately held company based in Aliso Viejo, Calif. High Tower Software's award-winning TowerView technology offers real-time analytical processing applications and dynamic 3-D display capabilities. For more information visit www.hightowersoftware.com.

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