New locating and marking system identifies underground facilities

June 19, 2002
A new marker and detection system that reveals, without digging, multiple details about buried facilities has been developed by 3M.

AUSTIN, Texas, June 19, 2002 -- A new marker/detection system that reveals -- without digging -- multiple details about buried facilities has been developed by 3M.

The 3M Dynatel M Series locating and marking system provides accurate and efficient location of underground features, as well as detailed information about them using digital technology.

The new Dynatel iD marker system, first of its kind in the industry, provides positive identification of marked facilities making it more useful for locating and maintenance than conventional passive marker locating. It is available through the 3M Telecom Access Division.

"The 3M Dynatel iD marker locator systems uses a new technology in ball markers with a chip inside that can be programmed in the field to convey important information about each marked underground facility," Dick Taylor, 3M business unit manager, said. "Markers are located by means of a utility-specific radio-frequency signal and they respond to the locator with details, including a unique identification number, the owner of the underground component, its function (splice, valve, etc.) and other information."

3M ID marking technology enhances management of underground facilities for telecommunications, as well as natural gas, water, sewer, CATV and electric power utilities. It can pinpoint both conventional passive markers and new Dynatel iD markers on all of the established utility marker frequencies. It also provides efficient cable/pipe locating and tracing and cable sheath (earth return) fault location. 3M's new marker/locator system includes handheld 3M Dynatel 1420 Series locators and 3M Dynatel 2200M Series locators, and 3M Dynatel 1400 Series EMS iD ball markers.

Unlike conventional markers, the new 3M system can differentiate every marked underground feature, even distinguishing between the facilities of multiple utilities with adjacent buried markers tuned to the same frequency. Software configuration functionality built into this new Dynatel locator system provides ease of use even for inexperienced workers. because each locator can be programmed to include only those functions required by the operator.

As the complexity and value of underground services continue to grow and multiple, communications and utility services share limited rights of way, maintenance costs increase, along with the potential for inadvertent damage, according to 3M. Thus accurate, detailed and timely records are increasingly crucial to effective asset management. The new Dynatel M Series locating and marking system will be a powerful asset management tool and database/mapping resource, benefiting owners of underground facilities, as well as contract locators, as they pursue improved productivity and effective damage prevention.

More information about the Dynatel M Series locating and marking system series M is available through the company's Web site at

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