New turbidity sensor released to complement the In-Situ Multi Parameter TROLL 9000 water quality probe

Oct. 31, 2002
In-Situ Inc. has announced the release of an integrated Turbidity Sensor for the Multi Parameter TROLL 9000 water quality probe.

Laramie, W.Y., Oct. 31, 2002 -- In-Situ Inc. has announced the release of an integrated Turbidity Sensor for the Multi Parameter TROLL 9000 water quality probe. This new sensor is an option on one of the inboard sensor ports.

A number of features and advantages unique to the sensor are achieved from utilizing the most current advances and innovations in optical design. The technology has been extensively tested and shown to provide many advantages to the user, namely accuracy, reliability and ease of use.

Included in the list of innovations are "Optimal Optical Path allowing higher sensitivity and lower power consumption", "Patented Ambient Light Rejection for higher resolution", "2X Range Limit Detection for higher range", "ISO Method 7027 Conformity for regulatory compliance", "Sapphire Optical Window for superior scratch resistance", "Factory Pre-Calibration for ease of use" and "Multi-Sensor Quick Cal for ease of calibration".

In addition to the Quick Cal option, standard calibration solutions are available. A separate automated wiper is offered as an accessory to the sensor. The sensor has been tested to meet or exceed the following specifications: Range (0 to 2000 NTU), Resolution (0.1 NTU) and Accuracy (5% of Reading or 2 NTU, whichever is greater).

This highly accurate and durable sensor is packaged to fit inside the nosecone restrictor of the MP TROLL 9000.

The MP TROLL 9000 is a compact 1.75" diameter water quality probe, with options to monitor Temperature, Pressure, Level and Depth, DO, Conductivity, pH, ORP, TDS, Resistivity, Salinity, Nitrate, Chloride, Ammonium, Ammonia, & Turbidity.

The MP-TROLL 9000 interfaces with a watertight Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) for surface water profiling or with any laptop computer or SDI-12 logger for longer-term tests and/or telemetry. Intuitive and feature-rich software (Win-Situ 4.0) is included with the MP TROLL 9000. New accessories include Flow cells, available for both high and low-flow sampling. MP-TROLL 9000 is now available to ship with the Turbidity option and accessories.

Turbidity measurements have been historically problematic and prone to error when performed with a field-portable instrument, or multi-parameter probe. By design, the In-Situ Turbidity Sensor achieves both data accuracy and system reliability. System reliability and accuracy are achieved through tight system integration, high quality materials and rigorous quality control.

The optics chosen for the In-Situ Turbidity Sensor offer a clear performance advantage due to their properties. Clear optics, free of scratches, debris and air bubbles, are of paramount importance when sampling turbidity in any environment. Optical quality sapphire was chosen as the lens material for its nearly scratchproof quality.

With an absolute hardness 4 times that of quartz, sapphire offers superior optics and exceptional service life. Looking further into the sensor design and electronics, a number of notable innovations are found. These innovations greatly increase the immediate and long-term value of the sensor.

The most notable innovations occur inside the optic port. These patented innovations allow the closest conformity to the most stringent of standards. It should be noted that USEPA Standard 180.1 calls for a measuring angle of 90deg 30deg, while ISO Method 7027 calls for a measuring angle of 90deg 2.5deg (a tighter specification).

Through utilization of a patented optical design, which also greatly reduces the random effects of color and optical size, the accuracy of the sensor achieves close conformity to ISO Method 7027. With the shortest wavelength sensor on the market, the In-Situ Turbidity sensor achieves double the range sensitivity of most portable instruments, approaching laboratory performance.

The data is carried in a straight line into the circuitry enabling low power consumption and very high sensitivity. Solid-state design and "smart sensor technology" allows the In-Situ Turbidity Sensor to ship pre-calibrated from the factory to NIST traceable accuracy, with a calibration report provided. This combination of technologies has enabled a very accurate, yet easy to use instrument.

A portable field instrument is only useful if it can be deployed successfully by a wide range of personnel. The In-Situ Turbidity Sensor was designed to offer both ease of use and powerful features. Factory pre-calibration not only ensures accuracy of the sensor; it also allows use directly out of the box, achieving accuracy to within 5% of specification without calibration.

If a quick calibration verification is needed, the sensor can be calibrated using In-Situ "Quick Cal" solution. The solution will also conveniently calibrate pH, Conductivity, DO and ORP sensors at the same time. This feature offers obvious advantages to field personnel.

Should regulations require more stringent calibration, polystyrene suspension standards are offered. Further enhancing ease of use in the field, a low-flow cell is offered as an optional accessory. The low-flow cell allows those sampling groundwater to easily deploy and test in accordance with EPA, ASTM and USGS methods. Individually each feature of the In-Situ Turbidity Sensor offers tremendous value.
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Source: In-Situ Inc.

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