MIOX Corp. introduces hypochlorite generator line

May 16, 2002
MIOX Corp. is now supplementing its mixed-oxidant generator line with a simple hypochlorite generator.

May 16, 2002 -- Electrolysis, the transformation of chemicals in an electric field, has been used for decades to manufacture disinfectants. Traditionally, chlorine disinfectant solutions have been made electrolytically at the factory and then packaged in gas, liquid, or solid form before being sold to operators.

On-site generation simply moves the electrolytic process on site, right at the water treatment plant, so that operators can avoid the transportation and storage issues associated with bulk chlorine solutions.

MIOX Corp. is now supplementing its mixed-oxidant generator line with a simply hypochlorite generator, both of which use only salt, water, and power as feed stocks. The product line is a good alternative for those sites at which the advantages of mixed oxidants are not imperative, but that still want to eliminate the hazards of traditional chlorination.

The hypochlorite generators have excellent salt conversion and power efficiencies and are currently available in capacities ranging from 5 to 800 pounds of free available chlorine (FAC) per day, the company reports.

The equipment utilizes the same durable industrial design of the mixed-oxidant line. For 50-pound cells and larger, all components are totally enclosed in passivated type 304 stainless steel modified NEMA 4 cabinets, protecting the equipment from leaks, wash-downs, and dust. Break-resistant windows allow easy viewing of control panel and cell operation. Nickel plating on components prevents corrosion.

Each cell module has its own dedicated power supply, controller, and brine pump, providing complete system redundancy in multi-cell units. Taking one cell off-line for maintenance will not impact the operation of remaining cells.

All system controls are automated. A complete logic controller monitors operation of the unit and provides diagnostic indication in the event of a system fault. Brine feed controls automatically speed up and slow down the brine pumps to maintain consistent amperage across the cell, even with changing concentration of the brine. An optional datalogger can be integrated with the system to record and monitor all key operating parameters. A touch-screen Graphics Display Controller is also available.

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