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Jan. 1, 2010
MWH Soft has expanded its commitment to the water utility industry by including vanguard carbon calculation capabilities in all its industry-leading water modeling product lines.

Sustainable water network design

MWH Soft has expanded its commitment to the water utility industry by including vanguard carbon calculation capabilities in all its industry-leading water modeling product lines. Its new Sustainability analysis extension, a first in the industry, will be available in InfoWorks WS, H2ONET Suite, and H2OMAP Water and InfoWater Executive Suites. The tool gives water utilities invaluable energy efficiency management capabilities for reducing both power costs and carbon footprints.
MWH Soft
Broomfield, CO

Asset management

VUEWorks® 2009 is an expanded version of VUEWorks’ web-based solution that enables municipalities, utilities and other organizations to track the condition, minimize failure risk, and prioritize expenditures and service delivery of their physical assets. The new version, which supports ESRI’s ARCServer 9.3.1, is a scalable suite of software modules for managing work processes, capturing citizen concerns, and executing preventive maintenance with a minimal investment of time and money.
VUEWorks Inc.
Concord, NH

Portable time, attendance tracking

Exaktime has introduced PocketClock/GPS for BlackBerry, software that transforms a BlackBerry smartphone into a portable GPS time clock and management tool for supervisors in the field. Part of The JobClock System, a time and attendance solution designed specifically for harsh or outdoor work environments, PocketClock/GPS lets mobile employees or crews clock in and out at dozens of locations each week. Each time punch includes a GPS fix so the office knows the location of every clock in/out and can quickly view the travel times between locations. Managers can also set a virtual perimeter, or ‘geofence,’ around each jobsite to highlight employees clocking in/out when they are not actually at the work site. The system displays a map, pinpointing jobsites and overlaying attendance data onto the map.
Exaktime Inc.
Calabasas, CA

Data collection, sharing

DeLorme has released XMap 7, which includes XMap Forms, a form-based GIS data collection and editing feature, with automatic two-way data synchronization between administrators and field personnel. XMap is a three-tiered GIS and GPS platform that addresses key functional levels within an organization’s GIS infrastructure. It provides user-friendly, HTML-based access to your GIS layers for editing or adding new data and includes an API toolkit for building custom forms. Two-way remote synchronization ensures that field data is efficiently integrated into corporate GIS databases.
Yarmouth, ME

Enterprise-ready work management solutions

CartêGraph Systems announced new applications highlighting the “enterprise-readiness” of its solutions. The company’s Request Portal is a web-based tool that augments an existing work management system by allowing community members — including citizens, employees, and elected officials — to personally report issues, initiate service requests, and track the status and history of existing issues. The company’s Dashboard is a centralized and customizable management tool designed to give upper management and supervisory associates immediate access to information, such as budget numbers, reports, and mapped locations of work crews. The Dashboard remains in a development and testing phase but is scheduled for release later this year.
CartêGraph Systems Inc.
Dubuque, IA

Electronic lock system

CyberLock is a powerful electronic lock system from Videx that helps water districts meet Federal Critical Infrastructure Guidelines by controlling and auditing access to containers, reservoir gates, pump houses, and remote watershed areas. It brings physical access and key control to existing lock hardware by replacing each lock’s mechanical cylinder with a CyberLock electronic cylinder. No wiring is required for installation. The system allows management to track contractors and employees that go into sensitive locations. It records openings and exceptions such as unauthorized attempts to gain access. Includes detailed audit reporting.
Videx Inc.
Corvallis, OR

Data line protection

Para Systems Inc. has released a new line of data line surge suppressors designed to protect equipment from being damaged by electrical surges or spikes. The new Minuteman Line-Guard™ products are intended to protect analog and digital surveillance cameras, DVRs, plus other network peripherals, including devices using Power Over Ethernet (POE). The products incorporate solid-state surge protection technology with a response time of two to five nanoseconds, clamping the surge to ground and automatically resetting itself after a low-voltage surge occurs. If a catastrophic surge such as lightning does hit a data line, the LineGuard product provides fail-safe protection, sometimes sacrificing itself to prevent damage to the more expensive devices it was designed to defend.
Para Systems Inc.
Carrollton, TX

Interfaces for remote applications

Emerson Process Management expands the benefits of digital field technology and asset management in remote SCADA applications with the introduction of FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus Interfaces for ControlWave® RTUs and ROC800-Series Remote Operations Controllers. The interface combines the benefits of FOUNDATION fieldbus with proven RTUs to reduce costs and increase efficiency in a wide range of water & wastewater applications. It allows ControlWave and ROC800-Series controllers to access multiple variables over a single pair of wires in a point-to-point or multi-drop configuration, eliminating the need for technicians to cover hundreds of miles configuring and diagnosing instrument problems in wide-area SCADA networks.
Emerson Process Management
Austin, TX

Interactive customercommunications

HP has released the latest version of its HP Exstream enterprise software. HP Exstream 7.0 includes more than 250 enhancements such as the ability to automate sections and paragraphs and the inclusion of bar codes, which can be used for complex interactive document applications. Other significant capabilities include security features such as confidential masking of information, role-based editing and expiration certificates, as well as many new user productivity tools.
Palo Alto, CA

IO expansion

FreeWave Technologies has released its new IO Expansion Module. When integrated into an existing FreeWave Modbus network, the IO Expansion Module allows customers to expand the IO count of their Modbus network without the cost of having to add individual radios to meet the IO count requirements. The solution offers 12 IO points per module and up to 192 IO points per a 16 module stack to meet the demands of customers’ wireless automation requirements.
FreeWave Technologies
Boulder, CO

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