Triple Clear Water Solutions, Inc. Announces Breakthrough Technology for Removing Metals from Water, Saving Municipalities and Industrial Clients Up to 90 Percent, While Greatly Reducing Water Waste

Seromix™ Systems Instantaneously Remove at Least 27 Different
Metallic Elements—Including Lead—to Nearly Undetectable Table Levels

White House Recognizes Triple Clear Commitment to
Fund Clean-Water Initiatives at White House Water Summit

NEEDHAM, MA – March 22, 2016 – In conjunction with the United Nations World Water Day and the White House Water Summit held today, Triple Clear Water Solutions, Inc. (TCWS) announces the roll out of its Seromix™ advanced metals removal technology for municipal water supplies and industrial water treatment and remediation. The company is also being recognized by the White House today for its commitment to donate one percent of its sales—which is expected to be more than $1 million over the next several years—to fund clean-water initiatives in communities in need of help.

The proven and validated Seromix technology significantly reduces the cost of metals removal from water, bringing the promise of the safest water supply to every local, national or international population. Implementation is also better suited to the wide range of municipalities than conventional technologies due to reduced and extremely simple maintenance, and drastically lower electrical power requirements.

This patented technology is able to address contaminated water streams containing 27 of the most common and harmful metallic elements, reducing their presence to nearly undetectable table levels for a fraction of the cost of conventional technologies. Seromix removes some of the most problematic elements found in water, including: arsenic Ill and V, antimony, barium, beryllium, boron, cadmium, chromium, iron, lead, magnesium, manganese, mercury, phosphorous, selenium and thallium.

“Removing metals from water is a critical step in treating both potable water and wastewater,” said Eric Levin, CEO, Triple Clear Water Solutions, Inc. “Until now, the only way to guarantee metal removal to legally mandated limits required expensive membrane or Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems. Seromix is truly a revolutionary breakthrough in water treatment that provides an alternative for our water and budget-strained communities and municipalities.”

The power of Seromix was proven when the town of Harwich, MA was faced with the kind of challenge communities all over the U.S. are facing every day—how to find a way to meet EPA guidelines with a municipal budget that only provided a fraction of the amount needed to purchase a traditional membrane system. Instead, they installed a Seromix system, which was delivered well under the original municipal budget, and are getting performance that exceeds EPA standards.

Traditional metal removal systems can waste up to 80 percent of the water they process, requiring massive amounts of energy 24/7/365, and have expensive annual ongoing maintenance bills. Seromix, on the other hand, wastes almost zero water in the process, has no moving parts, requires almost no maintenance, and may eliminate the need for energy-wasting booster pumps with saving clients up to 90 percent versus traditional systems. Importantly, Seromix produces non-toxic, non-leeching waste compliant with Federal TCLP and California Title 22 STLC extraction tests and regulations, creating an additional savings of up to 85 percent for waste disposal and removal. Seromix technology also installs quickly and easily, and scales to any size from commercial-industrial to municipal.

Seromix technology uses a standard oxidizer and a patented static mixing process to quickly coagulate and bind contaminants into large particulates, which can be filtered out easily. The method of removal is a simple oxidation-reduction (redox) process wherein hazardous, and potentially hazardous, contaminants are chemically converted into non-hazardous, more stable, and in some cases, inert compounds.

About Triple Clear Water Solutions, Inc.
Triple Clear Water Solutions, Inc. (TCWS) is a water technology company focused on selling water treatment systems to the commercial, industrial and consumer markets. At the core of our business, we start with unique technologies that are environmentally friendly (green) capable of solving mission-critical water challenges for our customers’ potable water, wastewater and HVAC systems. Triple Clear productizes pre-packaged solutions that are “plug-and-play” for our customers and their installers. This greatly reduces costs for our clients, simplifies the purchasing cycle, and completely solves water challenges in a way that provides exceptional ROI for our customers, and rapid scalability for TCWS.

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