Leading Water Expert and Former AWWA Relations Director Roberson Joins Corona Environmental

Leading Water Expert Joins Corona Environmental Consulting

Alan Roberson, former Director of Federal Relations of the American Water Works Association, to lead collaboration

Rockland, MA and Washington, DC (March 21, 2016) – Corona Environmental Consulting, LLC (www.coronaenv.com) announced today that Alan Roberson, former Director of Federal Relations of the American Water Works Association, has joined the firm to increase national attention and efforts to bring solutions to the complex issues currently facing the water community. Alan brings to Corona world-renowned expertise as an engineer, scientist, and regulatory professional, which he cultivated through years of developing and implementing federal regulations that both protect public health and avoid unintended consequences.

At Corona, Alan will lead collaborations with a broad range of stakeholders in the water community. These include water utilities, public health agencies, environmental advocates, state regulatory agencies, and federal agencies such as EPA, CDC, DHS, DOE, USGS. Alan is based in the greater Washington, DC region and will be opening Corona’s first office there as well.

“We are thrilled that Alan is joining Corona and will continue to play a leadership role in the water community” said Jeffrey Rosen, Corona’s CEO. “With the growing national interest in water issues, having Alan lead our water quality and water policy efforts will greatly benefit the drinking water community.”

Roberson began his career as an engineer and project manager for several land development projects in Texas and Northern Virginia. But it was through his work over the last 25 years as the Director of Federal Relations at the American Water Works Association (AWWA) where he made his mark as a visionary figure and agent of change in drinking water. In this role, he has been a catalyst for action, as his research and insight were instrumental in the development of changes in federal and state guidance on drinking water regulations, and how water utilities would manage their systems in the face of growing challenges posed by aging infrastructure, improved detection technology, uncertainties in the underlying science, and much more.

“I am excited to join Corona and to continue to bring the right people together in Washington for safe and affordable drinking water” said Alan.

Alan retired from AWWA in 2016, after 25 years of service. Since 2009, he has served on the Fairfax Water Board of Directors. He is also active with the Community Engineering Corps, providing engineering assistance to a small system in Virginia.

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