Clearly, the Choice for Wastewater Treatment Is ACOS

Aug. 1, 2016
ACOS advanced chemical oxidation process is the safe, smart solution for destroying hazardous organic contaminants in wastewater.

Developed to meet individual needs and degradation goals of industry, the ACOS patented process generates and applies hydroxyl radicals in a precisely controlled, precisely designed environment. With its co-current plug flow geometry and unique process parameters, ACOS technology focuses the highest concentration of hydroxyl radicals on the wastewater with the highest concentration of contaminants. The result: hazardous contaminants are destroyed rapidly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

ACOS, with its unique, elegant technology, operates in a small footprint upstream, downstream, or anywhere along the waste stream making it the ideal solution for destroying some of the most hazardous contaminants in wastewater. What's more, ACOS is green technology transforming wastewater into water that can be recycled or reused while minimizing or eliminating liabilities associated with listed wastewater streams.

From contaminated to clear in seconds, ACOS is clearly the choice for effectively treating hazardous organic contaminants in wastewater .


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