Syrinix’s next step in revolutionising utilities’ reducing leakage.

Jan. 27, 2016
Syrinix, the innovative leader in intelligent pipeline monitoring technologies, today announces the launch of PipeMinder, the next generation of monitoring hardware set to transform the way utility companies calm their networks and reduce leakage and bursts.

Utilities often depend on teams inspecting pipelines to spot leaks and bursts and repairing those they find. Current approaches comprise reacting to symptoms rather than addressing underlying causes.

Building on Syrinix’s established solution portfolio, PipeMinder combines a 5 year battery life, automated alerts for transients and bursts, and high resolution data capture. With PipeMinder utilities can see, at new levels of detail and accuracy, where they are at greatest risk of pipeline failure.
Efficiently equipped with that detailed network view, PipeMinder allows utilities to address the underlying causes and so actively and substantially reduce leaks and bursts in a way that has not been possible before.

James Dunning CEO said –

“PipeMinder is a step change in efficient and effective network management. Utilities are running faster and faster to stand still in the battle to reduce leakage and bursts on ageing networks. With the information provided by PipeMinder, utilities will see and address many of the underlying causes of those leaks and bursts and take a new and significant step forward in leakage and burst reduction.

“The choice between high resolution data capture for a short time, or low resolution for a long time, is a thing of the past. The need for different products for different applications with multiple data feeds is also a thing of the past.
“With PipeMinder we are giving utility managers a single device providing a high resolution view of pressures, flows and stresses on supply networks. Deployed across a network, PipeMinder is opening a major new front in network monitoring, calming and leakage and burst reduction strategies.


Syrinix’s easily installed PipeMinder operates with RADAR, Syrinix’s cloud-based data analytics platform and ensures utilities only receive the data they want or need to see rather than high volumes of inconsequential data.

Network calming comprises the removal of damaging pressure and flow fluctuations that, left unresolved, shorten pipeline lifetimes, weaken joints and exacerbate existing and emergent failure points.

With the configurable RADAR system, utility teams can see, from their desks or in the field, the data from all of their units and configure alerts to meet their needs.

To support its use in multiple scenarios, and allow utilities to avoid purchasing different solutions for different needs, the following service bundles can be purchased for use with the PipeMinder solution:

Base Subscription

• RADAR Access
• Pressure and Flow* logging
• Min/Mean/Max 15 Minute Sampling
• S3 Scoring
• Data plotting across all products
• Device configuration
• Data downloads
• Mapping and Site locations

Event Bundle

• Capture Transient events
• Capture Bust events*
• High sample event data collection
• Event email alerts and notification
• Historic list and calendar
• Monthly & Weekly PDF event report

Export Bundle

• Automated FTP/SFTP data push
• Average and high resolution data**
• Automated event alerts pushed via FTP/SFTP

Analysis Bundle

• Coming soon

* Flow meter required
** High resolution data only where Event bundle purchased

Full and partial SCADA integration is available for volume PipeMinder deployments.

In order to provide flow data and burst alerts, PipeMinder requires attaching to a standard flow meter.

Syrinix, is an award-winning global market leader in developing intelligent pipeline monitoring technology.
Its products have a growing reputation for their ability to improve the risk management of water pipelines and to help utilities move their network management from reactive to active on a highly cost-effective basis.


Suzy Robb - Marketing Manager
Syrinix Inc
548 Market Street,
San Francisco,

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