Taylor Made Completes EZZ Klean™ Waste Water Pump Station for the City of Portland

The EZZ-Klean™ Municipal 105 Pump Station by Taylor Made Pump Stations was recently installed by the City of Portland, Oregon. It’s unparalleled emphasis on worker safety and environmental protection helped the Portland Parks Department choose the Taylor Made installation in an effort to protect staff as well as the environment. This design was customized specifically for the job, using the EZZ -Screen™ and EZZ- Klean™ components. The vacuum head was engineered to pump out from within the screen in an effort to save countless maintenance hours on cleaning required by traditional systems.

Owner Mark Taylor explains, “At Taylor Made, we provide a "green" wastewater pump station that is Common Sense Green. I chose this term because the ideas that I've put forth are simple and they either save time or, for a few dollars more, add time to the life of a station. One of the most important "green” things that an owner or operator of a wastewater pump station can do is keep it clean. This is precisely why I invented the EZZ-Klean™ Pump Station.”

City staff was so impressed with the EZZ- Screen™ that they requested a second customize installation before the completion of the first. This design will be one of the first HDPE high-flow screens in which two screens have been placed in a municipal wastewater station. Behind every every EZZ-Klean™ Muni 105 Pump Station is a high-quality duplex control panel with redundancy in circuit control, designed with Allen Bradley components. The Muni 105 panel comes in either a High Density Polyethylene NEMA 4 cabinet or a 14 gauge powder-coated enclosure. Both are well-suited for outdoor use.

The success of the Muni 105 panel is a step up in municipal wastewater flow control from the Muni 104. The controller has multiple settings for duplexing operation and low level off, lead/lag switching and a high level alarm float switch. A transducer option is available for flow control and liquid level sendings. An alternating switch activates the lead/lag operation. NEMA approved intrinsic barriers are installed within every panel. A Rockwell/Allen/Bradley PLC is a standard feature on the Muni 105 Taylor Pump Station and is the distinguishing upgrade from the Muni 104 Pump Station panel.

This entry-level controller has an easily expandable format to meet telemetry requirements, full supervisory control and data acquisition. The PLC at its foundation allows for visual monitoring of all basic pump functions. It offers small municipalities and large park systems the ability to remotely communicate with one another.

The new Taylor Made Park 105 EZZ-Klean™ Station features an epoxy coating for easy cleaning and lifelong hydrogen sulfide protection. Clogs and unnecessary damage will no longer cause headaches and expensive system repairs. The one of a kind EZZ-Screen™ prevents accidentally flushed items such as metal toys, utensils and even rocks from damaging the system.

The Taylor Made Park 105 EZZ-Klean™ patented design addresses the regulatory issues of Oregon OSHA’s most recent confined space rules making maintenance simple and safe. The bright green EZZ-Klean™ tube at the top of the station reminds maintenance crews to simply “Pop the Top” to perform routine maintenance that is quick, easy and safe. Taylor Made Pump Stations save valuable time and money when compared to conventional wastewater lift stations.

In researching the needs of the industry, Mark Taylor found that the demand was great. “We learned that our customers need a quality product with all the kinks worked out and they need it now!” Taylor explains. “Taylor Made Pump Stations strives to satisfy all of our customers, government or private, with the specified Packaged Waste Water Pump Station.”

The simple maintenance and cost effective savings of Taylor Made Pump Stations streamline wastewater systems. Taylor Made staff are licensed DEQ contractors, providing clients with over 35 years of knowledge and experience.

With decades of experience as a contractor, Mark Taylor brings industry expertise and innovation to solve financial, safety and environmental challenges in the wastewater management sector. “As a growing business, our product innovation and our knowledgeable personnel are right up there with the large corporations. Our commitment to 100% customer satisfaction and personal attention are what set us apart.”


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