5 new (waste)water technologies to be presented by Nijhuis at WEFTEC

During this year’s WEFTEC, Nijhuis Industries will be presenting 5 new (waste)water technologies and resource recovery innovations to the North American market during technical sessions at the New Orleans Morial Convention Center. All of the presented technical session innovations are also showcased at the Nijhuis booth within the Exhibition Center, along with other sustainable water use & resource recovery innovations. The technical sessions will present the technical process approach, applications for use, and operating results from full-scale installations.

WEFTEC visitors are welcome to discover how to turn wastewater into profit with new concepts and systems including anaerobic treatment, ammonia recovery and fat recovery, all based on realized full-scale plants. To reduce energy and consumption costs for wastewater pretreatment systems, Nijhuis has developed the next generation DAF technology coupled with a real-time dosing control system, the i-DOSE. The i-DOSE technology reduces chemical consumption costs by up to 30%, minimizes the hydraulic retention time required in an EQ tank, and offers high level process control resulting in less operating attention requirements and time adjusting chemical dosing.

Nijhuis technical session presentations will take place during all three days of the technical conference and will focus on anaerobic treatment (AECOMIXTM), ammonia recovery (NAR), fat recovery (i-FAT), intelligent DAF (i-DAF) systems, and real-time chemical dosing control (i-DOSE). For more information regarding the location and time of the sessions, please visit the Nijhuis Industries website: http://www.nijhuisindustries.com/news/weftec-participation-booth-5817/

Stop by the Nijhuis Industries booth (5817) to learn more about our customized solutions, innovations and case studies for wastewater pre-treatment, biological treatment, water reuse and recycle, waste-to-value and intelligent services.


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