UKSTT award for Best Small Scheme goes to Draincare and Wessex Water for the MSI Profiler

Sept. 21, 2016
The UKSTT Awards (which took place on the 21st September) promote and celebrate outstanding performances in the field of Trenchless Technology. These awards offer contractors, manufacturers, engineers and young professionals the opportunity to showcase their work and skills to the industry.

Draincare Ltd and Wessex Water won the award for Small Scheme <£50,000 with the MSI Profiler. The MSI (multi sensor inspection) Profiler is a New Survey Invention that enables laser profiling, sonar profiling and HD CCTV footage to be obtained from a single unit for surveying large diameter pipework over long distances. Wessex Water have over 50km of large diameter sewers up to 5m in diameter, some with lengths between shafts of over 1000m and at depths of up to 90m. These were built up to 100 years ago when health and safety concerns for maintenance and repair operations were not given the priority and foresight that they are today. Wessex Water hold health & safety as of paramount importance, in line with the water industry as a whole.

The search was on to find a floating platform which could traverse distances of over 1000m, which could provide a visual survey of the tunnels, provide a baseline laser survey to then be able to identify future pipework erosion against subsequent surveys, and provide a sonar survey of the below water sewer profile and siltation levels. The negotiations identified a system, which became available in 2015 known as the 'MSI Profiler' available from Draincare. Works were proposed to survey some 8km of tunnels in Bournemouth, and were undertaken in the Winter of 2015 and into 2016. The Surveys were a huge success and provided Wessex Water with the required data of their assets.

The award was judged by a panel of industry experts who believed this project supports the aims of the UKSTT, and ensured the benefits of Draincare’s knowledge and skill, and Wessex Waters desire to implement new technology for their stakeholders, were showcased to all at the award ceremony.


For more information please contact Anthony Foden, director Draincare, +44 1244 539952