Tkn Filter Nozzles

July 25, 2016

Our products are steel (Soil/ Store coal/active carbon), ion transformer for resin systems or concrete (for fast soil filters), enhancement in all filter nozzle and drainage systems, drinking water filtration, industrial treatment, demineralization in water processes, hundreds of nozzles and diffuser systems to meet your needs of drawing water from river, sea, drawing water from underground water sources, swimming pool filters, agricultural watering filters and more…


Moving Bed Biological Reactor “Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor” (MBBR ™) process is based on Biofilm principle which microorganisms carry out biological treatment by gripping an environment and reproduced microorganisms. MBBR provides advantages of active mad and biofilm systems.
Total efficiency of industrial and home waste water refining industries is higher than in classical system
By moving Bed Biofilm Reactor System in designing refining institutions in small places refining can be made. At the same time, it is used successfully in waste water refining institutions to increase modification and capacity. Your old facility producing only carbon elimination can be turned into systems enabling nitrogen elimination without restoration in reinforced concrete buildings.

Those systems can be installed as integrated with active mud process. Biological process is a condition which MBBR™ process is integrated with active mud. This biological process enables old classical system to be renewed using reactor available and it doesn’t need building a new concrete pool.


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