Sparling Instruments TigermagEP™ Flow Meter Now With Modbus Protocol

Sparling Instruments TigermagEP™ flow meters now feature Modbus communication protocol, for seamless integration in digital automation and control systems.

EL MONTE, CALIFORNIA – Sparling Instruments has begun production on a Modbus-capable version of its TigermagEP™ electromagnetic flow meter. Responding to requests from customers for an electromagnetic flow meter with integrated Modbus for use in digitally controlled or automated systems, Sparling will begin shipping the new Modbus version of their meters on April 11, 2016.

TigermagEPTM electromagnetic meters, whether integral or remote style, which are already installed in a system can also be upgraded to Modbus. This is done by adding an optional Modbus-enabled transmitter or module. The modules are easy to change out in the field, so it's fast and simple to integrate existing TigermagEPTM mag meters into a Modbus network.

Modbus-programmable mag meters are used in a variety of conductive liquid systems where measurements are digitally reported to a server by the components and recorded for analysis or regulatory compliance.

"We had several municipalities switching to Modbus architecture and asking us to add this protocol to our electromagnetic flow meters. These are customers who had been relying on Sparling meters for years. I'm pleased to say that Sparling's team was able to give them what they needed especially the ability to upgrade previously installed TigermagEPTM mag meters. The Modbus protocol is also used in many other applications, like the oil and gas industry and manufacturing, so that's a lot more customers who will now be able to use Sparling meters," explained Yosufi Tyebkhan, President of Sparling Instruments (

TigermagEP™ meters have built a reputation for accuracy and dependability. Every meter Sparling sells is manufactured to exacting standards in an ISO 9001 certified facility, and every meter is tested and certified in our on-site flow lab. The TigermagEP™ line recently earned NSF 61 certification, so it is now approved for installation in potable water systems in all of North America.

Modbus is today's most popular protocol for process control in automation systems. It was published as open source code in 1979 by Modicon (know today as Schneider Electric) for use with their Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). The Modbus protocol has grown into an international open standard because of the flexibility and simplicity it offers systems engineers. Unlike other communication protocols, Modbus doesn't require device description files or other specialized programming in order to create a network that can monitor its component devices.

About Sparling Instruments:
Sparling Instruments was founded in 1912, by Ray W. Sparling, and began building its reputation manufacturing propeller meters for irrigation, water distribution, and wastewater plants. Over the years, Sparling’s mission to serve process measurement markets with robust and accurate flow and level instruments has led the company to adopt innovations such as electromagnetic flow meters and to adopt manufacturing standards such as ISO 9001, which ensures excellent quality in all of their products.


Yosufi Tyebkhan, President
4097 N. Temple City Blvd.
El Monte, CA 91731

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