Sparling Instruments' Flow Meters CRN-Certified In All 13 Canadian Provinces And Territories

EL MONTE, CALIFORNIA – Sparling Instruments has earned CRN (Canadian Registration Number) pressure vessel certification in all of Canada's 13 provinces and territories. This means that throughout Canada, customers with industrial, municipal, agricultural, and oil and gas industry applications can purchase premium Sparling flow meters for their liquid process systems. From water treatment plants to oil field pumping, and power plants to food processing plants, Sparling Instruments flow meters are certified for use in all Canadian systems.

Canadian provinces have a total of seven organizations and jurisdictions that issue certifications for pressure vessels. Each has its own rigorous standards that must be tested and proven for each vessel before certification is issued. All of Sparling Instruments' meters are fully certified by all seven boards.

"We've put a great deal of effort into certifying all of our meters for use in Canada. Each product has to be tested and certified for every province's standards, so it's a long process and we're proud to have accomplished full certification throughout Canada. Now Canadian customers can use Sparling meters in any system from hydraulic fracturing to chemical process to potable water distribution," explained Yosufi Tyebkhan, President of Sparling Instruments (

Because all of Canada's provinces and territories have signed reciprocity agreements to accept the NSF/ANSI-61 certification for potable water applications, Sparling TigermagEP™ electromagnetic flow meters are also approved for use in potable water systems throughout Canada.

About Sparling Instruments:
Sparling Instruments was founded in 1912, by Ray W. Sparling, and began building its reputation manufacturing propeller meters for irrigation, water distribution, and wastewater plants. Over the years, Sparling’s mission to serve process measurement markets with robust and accurate flow and level instruments has led the company to adopt innovations such as electromagnetic flow meters and to adopt manufacturing standards such as ISO 9001, which ensures excellent quality in all of their products.


Yosufi Tyebkhan, President
4097 N. Temple City Blvd.
El Monte, CA 91731

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