Aqua Metrology Systems Now Offering Online Trace Metals Analysis With Reliable Accuracy in Five Minutes

As the leading supplier of environmental data for smart decisions, Aqua Metrology Systems is now offering online trace metals analysis in five minutes with reliable accuracy. Municipal and industrial users requiring high frequency data to adjust contaminant removal processes mitigating the impact of trace metals can now benefit from an enhancement to the
SafeGuard™ analyzer.

The SafeGuard™ analyzer has been providing municipal and industrial users with accurate and reliable online measurements of trace metal contaminants for nearly two decades. The SafeGuard analyzer undertakes online analysis for up to two
different trace metals including arsenic, chromium-6, selenium and more on a single automated unit. The standard SafeGuard system provides online measurements in 30 minutes with an accuracy of 1 ppb for all trace metals except for total selenium
that has an accuracy of 5 ppb. Applications requiring even faster turn around times can now take advantage of an innovative and proprietary analytical method on the SafeGuard system that provides measurements in approximately five minutes without compromising accuracy levels.

“Online trace metal analyzers provide the environmental data necessary for utilities and industries to make smart decisions about their contaminant remediation processes,” said Rick Bacon, CEO of Aqua Metrology Systems. “In certain applications
time is of the essence,” Bacon continued. “The faster the turn around time for complete trace metals analysis, the easier it becomes to spot operational trends resulting from a process change that might even have a catastrophic impact. Whether using our standard SafeGuard system or the new enhanced model with the faster turn around time, every SafeGuard user
benefits from an online, automated and unattended trace metal analytical process that has been independently validated and tested to be reliable and accurate.”


Rick Bacon, CEO
Aqua Metrology Systems
1225 E. Arques Avenue,
Sunnyvale CA 94085
United States
T: +1 617 543 6522
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