Flood Buzz™ Water Leak Alarms Protect Water Purification Contractors

Flood Buzz™ Pro: Water Leak Alarms
Help Protect Water Purification Contractors from Liabilities

Short Hills, NJ, February 6, 2016 –Flood Buzz™ announces its line of easy-to-use water leak alarms that are economical, loud and effective, and patent-protected. The alarms are designed to help mitigate damage caused by water leaks, and may protect water purification professionals from potential liabilities.

Occasionally, a water leak may occur after an installation -- and that water leak may cause damages and high expenses for water purification companies. Leaks may also lead to increased insurance premiums and negative online customer reviews.

Flood Buzz™ water leak alarms sound a high dB alarm when they sense a liquid leak. Flood Buzz™ alarms are the lowest cost alarms on the market, perfect for the water filtering industry, and are already being used by hundreds of water filtering companies to help protect their companies from costly leaks.

Flood Buzz™ water alarms come with an internal non-serviceable battery. Just place the Flood Buzz™ alarm next to an installation and it will sound an alert if a leak exists after an installation.

Learn more at www.FloodBuzzPro.com and www.FloodBuzzAlarms.com
Flood Buzz™ alarms are manufactured and distributed by NJ-based Archetype Ltd. For more information call us at 1-866-797 6686.

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Photo: Flood Buzz™ is a patented, low-cost, easy-to-use water-leak alarm that warns of impending leaks. Flood Buzz™ Pro will sound a 110 dB alarm when water touches the two prongs on the bottom; the smaller and more economical Flood Buzz™ Small will sound a 90-95 dB alarm when it senses a water leak condition.


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