Industry veterans back new technology for water treatment

ONTARIO, CANADA -- Wastewater treatment specialist company, Enereau, today signed an agreement to distribute a new biological wastewater treatment technology, known as BioGill. Led by a team of industry veterans with more than 200 years’ experience, Enereau is highly regarded for its deep-domain expertise in wastewater process design and project development. After reviewing several new technology platforms, the company selected BioGill.

Jim Hotchkies,CEO at Enereau, said, “The scope and effectiveness of the BioGill technology, across a diverse range of wastewater applications impressed us, so too its simplicity and elegance."

“We are now building this technology into our solution platforms, particularly for our clients with very high organic loadings, such as the craft beer and dairy industries and clients facing extremely high energy costs, such as hotels and resorts in the Caribbean,” added Jim .

Enereau has a well-established client base across the Americas, Europe and Africa, building turn-key solutions for food and beverage processors, mining companies, resorts, as well as municipal projects.

“In the North American market, our initial focus is on introducing the technology as the preferred platform for the craft brewing and distillery sector, boutique wineries, dairies and for decentralized sewage projects in the Caribbean,” he said.

The BioGill technology is built on the premise of harnessing Nature. Nano ceramic media, known as “gills”, provide the ideal oxygen rich habitat for microorganisms, Nature’s best recyclers, to grow and flourish. This increases nutrient removal from wastewater, resulting in high level reductions of BOD, COD and organics.

Developed in Australia and patent protected worldwide, the technology is now operating at sites in more than eighteen countries.

“Our focus is on delivering practical, cost-effective and environmentally-sustainable water treatment solutions that minimize the water and energy footprint and maximize the resource recovery potential. We see BioGill as a key technology platform in achieving this,” explained Jim.

Welcoming Enereau as a Distributor, John West, Executive Chairman at BioGill, said, “This is a team of industry experts with a proven and highly successful track record in water treatment and we are delighted to be working with them.”

About Enereau
At Enereau, wastewater is seen as a resource opportunity to recover potential energy and nutrients and to recycle wastewater for reuse. By applying best practices and innovative technologies to existing installations and to green-field projects, the energy and physical footprints of wastewater treatment can be reduced dramatically. Enereau allows its clients to transform their industrial effluents from a cost driver into a source of competitive advantage.

About BioGill
BioGill technology brings together the power of science and nature, to help cleanse the water in our world. A biotechnology company, BioGill produces above ground bioreactors that deliver highly effective, low cost and energy efficient water treatment systems. The technology is modular and scalable, future proofing water treatment systems.
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