WEDECO awarded major order in Turkey

March 28, 2003
WEDECO Umwelttechnologie GmbH, a unit of WEDECO AG, has been selected to supply a large ozone system for the Kagithane Potable Water Treatment Plant, located in Istanbul, Turkey.

Dusseldorf, Mach 28, 2003 -- WEDECO Umwelttechnologie GmbH, a unit of WEDECO AG, has been selected to supply a large ozone system for the Kagithane Potable Water Treatment Plant, located in Istanbul, Turkey.

The order, placed by the Istanbul Water and Sewerage Administration (ISKI) has a total value of 2.250.000 EURO and includes the turnkey installation, commissioning and start-up of 4 ozone lines for the Potable Water Treatment Plant. Each line has a max. capacity of 4 x 12,5 kg ozone per hour.

At present, the population of Istanbul is about 12 Million people with an annual growth of 4%.

This results also in an increasing demand of potable water in this area. Between the early nineties and today the water consumption has tripled to more than 4 Million m3/d. As a major part of the ISKI Master Plan all water and wastewater treatment plants as well as water distribution systems will be improved and new water sources will be put into service.

The Kagithane Water Treatment Plant is located on the European side of Istanbul and has a capacity of 1.000.000 m3/day. The water is mainly pumped from the Terkos reservoir and pre-treated by aeration before the ozone oxidation step.

Ozone is used as a pre-oxidation step to remove colour, improve taste, odour and to avoid formation of carcinogenic Chlorinated Hydrocarbons e.g. Trihalomethanes. The ozone step is followed by a flocculation / sedimentation, rapid sand filtration and a final disinfection stage before the water is fed into the distribution line.

The Kagithane advance Water Treatment Plant will ensure potable water for approx. 2-3 Mio. habitants of Istanbul by meeting the highest European Quality Standards.

The total ozone capacity is 50kg/h, produced on site from dried air via high efficient ozone generators, operating according to WEDECO`s patented EFFIZON® HP-Technology. Dried air enters the ozone vessels where the oxygen molecules are converted into ozone molecules by silent electrical discharge.

The ozone / air mixture is introduced and mixed vigorously in the concrete contact tank chamber. The plant operates automatically and is controlled by a Master PLC. Manufacturing, erection, start-up and commissioning will be carried out by WEDECO and MTM as local partner in Turkey.

The Kagithane ozone system is one of four major ozone plants in the City of Istanbul supplied by WEDECO. Together with the plant of Ikitelli I (source: Terkos reservoir, capacity: 400.000 m3/day, 25kg/h ozone), Ikitelli II (capacity: 400.000 m3/day, 25 kg/h ozone ) and the large plant of Ömerli (source: Ömerli Dam, capacity: 1.500.000 m3/day, 62,5 kg/h ozone).

WEDECO ozone systems ensure the pre-ozonation of more than 3 million m3 of drinking water per day and serve 7 million inhabitants of Istanbul with clean and healthy water.

Besides this, ISKI applied WEDECO mid size ozonators type SMO for odour control on their new waste water treatment plants in Kadikoy and Kucuksu.

WEDECO AG is a specialist in the manufacture of chemical-free water purification systems using ultraviolet light and ozone. More than 200,000 installed systems now replace 100,000 tons of chlorine annually, thus making a significant contribution to the protection of the environment. The company is headquartered in Dusseldorf, with production sites in Germany, Italy, France, Hungary, Korea, and the U.S. It has subsidiaries in 17 countries.

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