Remote testing option for the Certified Water Technologist exam allows candidates to take exam locally

The Association of Water Technologies (AWT) has announced a new remote testing option for Certified Water Technologist (CWT) exam applicants.

MCLEAN, Va., August 18, 2003 - The Association of Water Technologies (AWT) has announced a new remote testing option for Certified Water Technologist (CWT) exam applicants.

With the new remote testing option, candidates are now able to select locations such as universities, community colleges or local testing centers to take the CWT exam. Previously, the exam was only administered at AWT's annual convention or one of its two regional training seminars.

The Certified Water Technologist exam is the only legally defensible exam that represents the highest professional credential in the industrial and commercial water treatment field.

Designed and tested by the Association of Water Technologies, it provides professional recognition for individuals involved in water treatment and technology to indicate to the general public, coworkers, employers and others that an individual has achieved a certain level of experience, knowledge and education in the water treatment industry.

The CWT designation assures that water professionals possess a core body of knowledge and have extensive professional experience in all aspects of water treatment.

To become certified, water treatment professionals must have five or more years experience in the water treatment industry, successfully pass the exam and complete the application and references.

In order to prepare for the CWT exam, candidates can download the Certified Water Technologist Candidate Handbook at The handbook contains information on the CWT certification, the application process, the exam and sample test questions.

"The Certified Water Technologist exam defines the standards of excellence in the industry and provides quality assurance to customers," said Elise Lindsey, executive director of the Association of Water Technologies (AWT). "We are very excited to be able to offer an additional option to take the only industry-wide certification exam qualifying the capabilities for water treatment specialists."

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