Atmospheric Water Technology launches entry into India with WaterMaker Asia

Electric & Gas Technology Inc., subsidiary Atmospheric Water Technology, Inc., manufacturers of WaterMaker, announced their entry into India through WaterMaker Asia.

DALLAS, Sept. 5, 2003 -- Electric & Gas Technology Inc., subsidiary Atmospheric Water Technology, Inc., manufacturers of WaterMaker, announced their entry into India through WaterMaker Asia. WaterMaker India, owned by the Katgara Business Group, is their national sole distributor.

WaterMaker Asia will be participating in the forthcoming International 5th Water Asia 2003 Conference and Exhibition on Asian Water Industry slated for Sept. 10 - 12, 2003 at the Pragati Maidan complex in Delhi, India.

Speaking on the occasion, Dan Zimmerman, President & CEO of Atmospheric Water Technology Inc., said, "Water, which is already a scarce resource, will inevitably become even more scarce and thus it is necessary to adopt unconventional methods of sourcing water. WaterMaker offers just that, by producing healthy, purified drinking water from the atmosphere."

Pallan Katgara, President of WaterMaker Asia, said, "In a country like ours, water is a scarce resource and WaterMaker could go a long way in assisting and providing solutions to water scarcity. Because water is created from the atmosphere the WaterMaker systems can be installed almost anywhere in India to deal with the problem."

The WaterMaker concept is scalable. Coil surface area and air-handling capacity largely determine the water making capacity. By placing individual WaterMaker machines in series, the capacity is multiplied. The smallest unit is for making five gallons a day, the largest has no limit. The system includes the water plant, filtration panel, holding tank and dispenser.

The WaterMaker is ideal for towns, villages, community projects, hotels, schools, residential/commercial buildings, farmhouses, industrial buildings, bottling plants, hospitals, small campuses, airports, industries and off-shore oil drilling companies among others. Portable WaterMakers equipped with diesel, gasoline or natural gas electric power generators are ideal for work camps, expeditions, military bases and emergency relief, where electricity is not available. Large volume WaterMakers have been proposed for planned communities and resorts.

WaterMaker is currently being utilized in the US, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Abu Dhabi and Sri Lanka. It is used by hotels, commercial and industrial establishments as well as U.S. defense related industries.

Cost of the WaterMaker depends on several factors, based on water generation requirements per day, energy source, dispensing requirements, daily temperature and daily humidity levels. Maintenance costs are reasonable because there is no cost of raw material since the air is free.

WaterMaker India will be marketing this unique product all over India and is presently in the process of appointing sales agents.

WATERMAKER™ is a U.S. patented proprietary product, which derives and produces healthy, purified drinking water from the atmospheric air. It completes nature's distillation process, by capturing water vapor before it touches the earth. It provides a localized source of pure water without any connection to pipes or catch basins. All that is required is electricity or alternate sources of energy to condense, collect, filter and dispense crystal clear drinking water.


Based in the U.S., this company has been appointed as the Sole Distributor to market and generate sales for the WaterMaker™.


Appointed as Distributor for India by WaterMaker™ Asia, this company is owned by the Katgara Business Group, which owns the well-known 103-year-old Jeena & Company, a leader in global logistics business in India. The Katgara group also operates Travel Corporation (India) Pvt. Ltd. (TCI) one of India's premier travel and tour organizations.

Electric & Gas Technology, Inc. was organized under the laws of the State of Texas on March 18, 1985, to serve as a holding company for several operating subsidiary businesses. Atmospheric Water Technology, Inc. (AWT), a subsidiary of ELGT, was incorporated in June 1997, with the purpose of focusing on opportunities within the water industry. Other ELGT businesses include Reynolds Equipment Company, which provides a broad line of precision instrumentation to the natural gas industry; Hydel, Ltd., a designer and seller of meter sockets and pole line hardware to the electric utility industry; and Logic Metals, Inc., an affiliated manufacturer of precision sheet metal applications.

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