Haestad Methods launches water resources modeling tour in Latin America

Haestad Methods has begun a tour to the Latin American region to hold presentations, localized training and on-site visits.

WATERBURY, Conn., June 3, 2003 -- Haestad Methods has begun a tour to the Latin American region to hold presentations, localized training and on-site visits.

The tour, which began June 3, should attract more than 500 clients from the continent's water utilities and consulting firms.

Haestad Methods launched the tour by showcasing its complete suite of water, storm, and sanitary sewer modeling software at the Aquatech Fitma Brazil exposition in Iberapuera, Sao Paulo on June 3-5.

The main attraction will include demonstrations on Haestad Methods' groundbreaking WaterGEMS® for ArcGIS™, the most powerful GIS (geographic information systems) software designed for efficiently modeling, managing, and protecting water distribution infrastructure.

Responding to the continuous demand for hydrologic and hydraulic training, Haestad Methods will lead several new training programs throughout the region. Training will take place in Sao Paulo, Brazil on June 9-13; Mexico City, Mexico on July 21-25; and Bogota, Colombia on September 1-5.

Participants will earn an A+ Modeler Certificate for each two-day course completed on water distribution and sanitary sewer design and modeling. Following each set of training sessions, Haestad Methods will sponsor an Open House, where attendees have the opportunity to view demonstrations and presentations on cutting-edge technologies for water resources modeling.

For over a decade, Haestad Methods has provided its Latin American clients with customized products and services including Spanish and Portuguese versions of WaterCAD® water distribution modeling software and on-line discussion forums.

A year ago, Haestad Methods trained more than 300 water resources professionals from the most influential companies based in Chile, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, Venezuela, Panama, Uruguay, and Mexico.

"Much excitement has been generated on behalf of the civil engineers, professors, and consultants who are planning to participate in this customized tour," said Norelis Florentino, Latin American Markets Director for Haestad Methods. "Our team looks forward to providing its Latin American clients with the resources they require to continue building cost-effective and efficient water and wastewater systems."

Professionals interested in attending an upcoming training event can view complete course and registration information by visiting www.haestad.com/ced/workshops, calling +1-203-755-1666, or e-mailing international@haestad.com. Haestad Methods' water resources discussion groups can be accessed by visiting www.haestad.com/lists.

About Haestad Methods:

Haestad Methods has been in the business of providing engineers with technology for 25 years and is internationally recognized as the world's leading water resources software company. Haestad Methods provides more than 125,000 civil engineers in over 170 countries with hydrologic and hydraulic modeling software, services, continuing education workshops, and publications.

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