The City of Redlands selects Systems & Software as CIS partner

The City of Redlands, Calif., will implement enQuesta's billing and customer service package which will include payment processing, credit & collections, automated service orders, and meter management.

COLCHESTER, VT, June 25, 2003 - The City of Redlands, Calif., plans to implement enQuesta's billing and customer service package which will include payment processing, credit & collections, automated service orders, and meter management, Systems & Software Inc. (S&S) announced.

Redlands provides water, wastewater, and solid waste and recycling services to their 19,500 customer-account base. "Finding a CIS system that could meet the unique needs of a multi-service provider was a significant challenge for us," comments Gary Phelps, Municipal Utilities Director, City of Redlands.

Two of the greatest internal benefits users will realize once enQuesta is implemented are: data accessibility and proven system reliability. With their legacy system, users have not been able to efficiently extract data from an extensive database nor have they experienced the proven stability of a top-performing system.

With enQuesta, users will be able to access data via the Oracle database in a real-time environment.

"Additionally, we are very excited about the external benefits enQuesta will provide us including the ability to offer our valued customers such a variety of modern payment conveniences, and increased information about the services they are receiving," continues Phelps.

S&S treats each customer as a unique partnership. "It is our belief that no two customers have exactly the same needs. Therefore we place a lot of emphasis on the upfront 'fit' analysis prior to entering into a contract with any prospective customer. We want our partnerships to be successful and long-lasting," adds Burt Willey, President & CEO, S&S. S&S' attention to detail is a factor that sets them apart from many other vendors in the industry.

"Investing the time up-front to educate themselves as much as possible about who we are and what our needs are demonstrated their commitment to truly understanding the City of Redlands and facilitated the foundation of a long-term relationship," continues Phelps.

About Systems & Software, Inc.

Systems & Software is a provider of billing & customer service solutions for regulated and deregulated utilities throughout the United States. Founded in 1973, the company has focused exclusively on the utility industry. Through a proprietary implementation and support approach projects are always delivered on time and within budget.

While customers focus on their key business operations, S&S is relied upon for complete technology, maintenance and software support. S&S is located in Colchester, Vermont. More information about Systems & Software, Inc., is available at

About the City of Redlands

The City of Redlands was founded in 1881 and incorporated in 1888. Always looking towards the future, while preserving the past, Redlands citizens enjoy the benefits of a full service government from modern, state-of-the-art water and wastewater treatment and production facilities to owning and operating their own landfill, airport, cemetery, library, senior center, police and fire departments.

The Municipal Utility Department currently provides water, wastewater, solid waste and recycling services to approximately 19,000 customer accounts. The City's mission is to provide exceptional customer service while maintaining professionalism, integrity, and the efficient use of resources. More information about the City of Redlands is available at

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