In-Situ Inc. celebrates its 25th anniversary

A twenty-five year commitment to technological innovation has earned In-Situ recognition as a major manufacturer of environmental monitoring instruments.

Laramie, Wyo., June 6, 2003 -- A twenty-five year commitment to technological innovation has earned In-Situ recognition as a major manufacturer of environmental monitoring instruments.

From a startup of two employees in 1978, the company has grown to become a major manufacturer of portable water quality and water level instrumentation - with 25,000 square feet of factory space, 65 employees and a worldwide distribution network.

With its headquarters in the Rocky Mountains of Wyoming, In-Situ has built a global customer base in the increasingly important water market. Striving for continual product innovation, the company has regularly introduced new patented innovations into the water market.

In the past year, In-Situ has introduced a family of rugged water quality probes, which are exceptionally easy to calibrate, waterproof field data readers, intuitive software and a number of data telemetry options. It is advances like these that allow In-Situ customers to complete their work efficiently and have confidence in their data.

In-Situ's primary goal is to advance their position as a world leader in their field by expanding the capabilities of in-place monitoring instrumentation. In-Situ is investing for accelerated growth in the new millennium. In fiscal year 2003 they will invest heavily in research and development for both their core product line and the commercialization of new technologies.

These investments, coupled with the focus on working with partners, expanding distribution channels and strengthening relationships with customers, will translate into strong growth for the company and superior equipment performance for their customers.

In-Situ currently does business in over 70 countries worldwide. They have accumulated a wealth of manufacturing experience in a variety of different device applications, primarily in the fields of water level and water quality. Instruments manufactured by In-Situ are used daily by consultants and engineers to monitor compliance with government regulations as well as to improve process control.

Recent noteworthy product installations include the deployment of thousands of mini TROLL water level probes in India, providing a key hydrologic monitoring system around the Aswan dam in Egypt and large-scale deployments of the Multi-Parameter TROLL 9000 probe to monitor the water quality of mining applications in Latin America and nuclear waste disposal sites in Europe and the United States.

Around the world, governments and citizens are recognizing the impact of human activities on the natural environment. People are increasingly concerned about living conditions - with clean, safe water being their primary demand. In both industrialized and developing nations the expertise of professionals is required to protect and ensure the safety of groundwater and surface water resources. In-Situ's mission is to provide these experts with the tools they need for reliable, accurate assessment of current and long-term site conditions.

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