Black & Veatch and United Water New York complete Lake DeForest WTP upgrade

Black & Veatch and United Water New York on Friday announced the completion of engineering, procurement and construction for United Water New York's Lake DeForest water treatment plant (WTP) upgrade.

High-rate dissolved air flotation technology increases plant's production and improves water quality

Kansas City, Mo., Oct. 24, 2003 -- Black & Veatch and United Water New York on Friday announced the completion of engineering, procurement and construction for United Water New York's Lake DeForest water treatment plant (WTP) upgrade.

The project has increased the facility's capacity from 10 million gallons per day (mgd) to 20 mgd and incorporates AquaDAF® treatment technology, an innovative high-rate dissolved air floatation process that uses air to float sediment and algae to the surface for removal to improve the quality of water provided to end users.

This is the first application of AquaDAF technology in the United States.

"Increased demand, coupled with more stringent regulatory requirements for total organic carbon reduction and the presence of episodic algal blooms stretched the existing Lake DeForest water treatment facility to its limits," said Janine Witko, Black & Veatch New York area manager. "In order to address increased demand, treatment compliance and water reliability and consistency, United Water New York selected Black & Veatch to upgrade the Lake DeForest facility to a 20-mgd-capacity plant using innovative treatment technology."

The new design incorporates AquaDAF technology, chemical feed system improvements, and associated electrical and instrumentation and control upgrades. As part of an integrated design-construction management delivery approach, Black & Veatch performed concept and detailed design, procured the major equipment and negotiated and managed the construction contracts.

"A key component of this project was maintaining operations at the existing Lake DeForest water treatment plant during construction and performance testing of the new process equipment," said Robert J. Iacullo, president of United Water New York. "The upgraded Lake DeForest treatment plant now allows us to treat more water during the heavy use periods in the summer. The best part for our customers is that they receive better tasting, higher quality water."

The Lake DeForest water treatment plant was designed and constructed in 1964 to produce five mgd. The AquaDAF treatment technology replaces the circular aerator basin, which was originally used to address taste and odor problems.

Black & Veatch also has incorporated AquaDAF in the recently completed design of a new 40-mgd water treatment plant as part of a comprehensive water supply program underway for the South San Joaquin Irrigation District in the California Central Valley.

About United Water New York United Water New York provides water service to more than 265,000 residents in Rockland County. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of United Water Resources of Harrington Park, N.J., which is a subsidiary of Paris, France-based Ondeo Services, the world's leader in water and wastewater management services serving more than 115 million people in 130 different countries. Ondeo is part of the Suez group (NYSE:SZE).

About Black & Veatch

Black & Veatch Corporation is a global engineering, construction and consulting company specializing in infrastructure development in the fields of energy, water and information. Founded in 1915, Black & Veatch serves its clients with conceptual and preliminary engineering services, engineering design, procurement, construction, financial management, asset management, information technology, environmental, security design and consulting, and management consulting services.

The Water Sector of Black & Veatch provides technology-based solutions to utilities, governments and industries worldwide. Local project managers work with a global team of water and wastewater treatment process experts to address site-specific challenges through a broad range of consulting, study, planning, design, design-build and construction management services.

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