DST International Billing signs up Scottish Water

DST International Billing announced that it has signed Scottish Water to use the HiAffinity Customer Care and Billing System.

London, July 10, 2003 -- DST International Billing (DSTi Billing) -- a provider of customer management and open billing solutions to the utility industry -- announced that it has signed Scottish Water to use the HiAffinity Customer Care and Billing System.

Scottish Water have decided to upgrade DSTi Billing's previous system, Custima, to the latest version of HiAffinity, which will allow them to use the Business Rules Engine, Executive Reporting and CyberCSR. They are also extending the use of HiAffinity to another area of Scottish Water, previously served by other billing software.

The Business Rules Engine in HiAffinity will allow Scottish Water to easily configure their own unique business processes to the HiAffinity system, define their own screen formats, defaults and validations.

Executive Reporting is HiAffinity's Executive Reporting module that allows customers to define their own reports, using most of today's reporting software, without any necessary recourse to software development staff. CyberCSR is HiAffinity's self-help web access module, which allows individual utility customers to access their data using the Internet.

Simon Patterson, COO of DSTi Billing said, "We are delighted to be working with Scottish Water. They have been clients of DSTi Billing's for five years. We believe that as a new single organisation, their decision to standardize on HiAffinity will allow Scottish Water to quickly realize the benefits of becoming a single organisation with one set of working practices, defined to HiAffinity using our Business Rules Engine".

Mark Dickson, general manager, customer service for Scottish Water said " Customer Service is at the heart of Scottish Waters business. The implementation of one standard state of the art billing system will allow us to significantly improve billing services to our business customers across Scotland, and the implementation of DSTi's HiAffinity CIS will undoubtedly help us achieve this goal."

About DST International Billing

For over 25 years, DSTi Billing has provided customer management and open billing solutions to the utility industries. DSTi Billings' business solutions transform typical billing and customer care tasks into valuable and efficient communications, resulting in loyal customers, increased revenues and decreased expenses. DSTi Billing is a wholly owned subsidiary of DST International Limited.

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