Pacific Sands' Hurriflo wastewater treatment system in final testing

Pacific Sands announced today that its beta Hurriflo Wastewater Treatment System is in the final stages of testing.

CLOVIS, Calif., Aug. 9, 2001 — Pacific Sands announced today that its beta Hurriflo Wastewater Treatment System is in the final stages of testing.

The system has performed solidly for an eight-week test run, demonstrating BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) reduction in excess of 85% and excellent solid and dissolved solid separation, as well as an overall improvement of wastewater clarity and quality.

The Hurriflo system, which incorporates pH adjustment, decanting solid separation, a bio-enzyme chamber and ozone and h2o2 polishing, was initially installed at a food processing plant in central California in August of 2000. Pacific Sands has spent the last 12 months involved in testing and engineering modification of the system, with the ultimate goal of creating a standardized Hurriflo system that can be used for a broad spectrum of wastewater treatment applications.

"All that's left of the original system is `Big Blue' and a few pipes and motors," reported Pacific Sands' president, Stanley Paulus, referring to the Hurriflo centerpiece, a large, blue bio-enzyme chamber. "The rest of the system has been redesigned and improved from the ground up."

A major upgrade was performed on the system this week in the water polishing chamber and aeration systems. Pacific Sands personnel expect this upgrade to be the final major change to this system. Test results demonstrating the continued efficacy and stability of the upgrade will take approximately three weeks.

Initially, the Hurriflo System was designed to handle water flow of 15 GPM (gallons per minute) and a BOD of 6,000 or less. The current, redesigned system is able to effectively treat in excess of 25 GPM with BOD counts exceeding 33,000.

Through its practical, on-site research and development in the central California area, Pacific Sands intends to standardize the Hurriflo system into a modular, portable wastewater treatment facility for sales nationwide. Images of the Hurriflo system are available at:

Industrial and agricultural wastewater treatment is a growing concern worldwide. Industries and agriculture are facing tougher scrutiny from both the public and the government in addition to increasing environmental impact fines and sewage expenses.

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